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Architectural design of buildings

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An unchanging stage of any construction is architectural design of buildings. Without this, it is not possible to erect a new building. After all, before it "grows" from the earth, you need to carefully plan, calculate and draw everything on paper. Particularly important factors are taken into account here:

The smallest detail matters when a building project is created. It is important here that it does not interfere with the nearby facilities and fit organically into the landscape. Precisely for these purposes, geodetic studies of the terrain are planned in advance, where construction is planned.

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Design Types

The main emphasis is usually on what kind of building is required for architectural and construction design. Here there are various options:

The project for living space is created for any house, whether it is a multi-storey building or a private cottage. To public buildings include administrative buildings, railway stations, cultural centers and others. Also today, the architectural design of catering and trade buildings - restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets is extremely common. And in the industry are in demand shops, warehouses, hangars and various specific structures.

Structural Engineering Stages

When the construction is planned, it is necessary to strictly coordinate all the important details, this is a multi-stage responsible process. Conventionally, architectural design of structures can be divided into several stages:

  1. Terrain analysis, data collection - this will help to get the most complete information about the future object and to generate architectural ideas and plans
  2. Creating a concept - it is important to give the customer a general idea of ​​the possibilities of the future project. And he, in turn, can make adjustments based on his wishes;
  3. Sketch architectural design of the building - floor layouts are created, layouts of the future construction in a section taking into account the binding to the terrain. At this stage, not only architectural but also functional, constructive and artistic solutions are worked out, which are then coordinated with the customer
  4. Preparing documentation and creating a working project - these two procedures usually take place in parallel. A feasibility study is made, the necessary calculations are made, after which the finished project is submitted for approval by the BTI
  5. At the final stage, the already agreed general project is transferred to the construction organization.

It is worth remembering that you can always buy a ready-made project of the building. Our company offers various options for any budget. Also here you can order an individual design of the structure taking into account all your wishes.

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