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The production premises from the specialists of “Winnerstroy” – quality guarantee

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No manufacturing infrastructure can be imagined without facilities. Also one can not do without just one shop or warehouse. The production premises are a whole complex of buildings that are used for warehouse, household and office needs, well, for managing the work process. Winnerstroy specialists will help you create industrial buildings and production complexes that will not only be guaranteed safe, but will also help to organize an efficient production process.

Prices for the design of industrial buildings

Designing industrial buildings and structures for us is, first of all:

Even small things are important to the development of a good project

Before we start designing industrial buildings and structures, our specialists must study all the features of the future production. To achieve a positive result, it will be useful to interact with the chief technologist of the enterprise. This tandem is necessary in order to make a technological and production scheme of work.

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During the design of an industrial facility project, all the nuances that are important for creating the necessary working conditions should be considered.

We pay special attention to the engineering networks during the design of production facilities. They must guarantee an efficient and trouble-free workplace robot. All communications should not interfere with work and at the same time be accessible, and this is extremely important in case of breakdown. In addition, we devote much time and attention to developing a draft ventilation system to ensure proper air exchange.

Working on the creation of a project of production facilities, we must take into account the architectural specifics of future buildings. The distinctive features of these objects are large spans and high spaces.

Be sure to take into account the fact that the construction of the building will be given a large load. Very heavily on the condition of the building affects the equipment, in particular, vibrating and lifting. It is the mode of operation of this technique that our specialists will take into account during the design of the frame of the building. If, for example, crane equipment is used in the work (for example, cantilever / suspension type cranes), independent overpasses will be erected.

During the development of the project, parameters such as the aggressiveness of the production environment are very important. Must take into account the experts and then, whether there is a possibility of a fire, how explosive the production itself.

Although the technological the component is the key during the development of the project, but do not forget about aesthetics. Interior design, decoration of facades of industrial facilities and structures should be performed in a high-quality, tasteful way and so as to promote productive work in production, rather than irritate the staff. That is why we pay attention to the design at the design stage of the future production complex. For these works we use exclusively high-quality materials that have high wear-resistance indexes and are designed for long-term operation. At the same time, these building materials must be environmentally safe.

During the development of projects of production facilities, Winnerstroy specialists act in accordance with applicable regulatory documents and modern Ukrainian legislation.

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