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Design of shops and shopping centers

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The popularity enjoyed by designing shops and shopping centers is easy to explain. In modern large cities, the infrastructure is actively developing, there are many places where you can comfortably make purchases and have fun. This is a fairly lucrative business, however, so that it brings a solid income, you need to think through all the details.

Designing of commercial buildings should begin after the customer presents a clear business plan, the concept of a future store or a shopping center. It is also important to correctly project the existing business idea to link to the terrain. The location of the shopping complex should be convenient in terms of access roads, traffic intersections and not harm the architecture of the city.

It is worth noting that the design of shops and shopping centers is different. In the first case, we are dealing, as a rule, with a fairly compact room, intended solely for trading. But in the case of the shopping center, it is necessary to organize the space in such a way that entertaining points and food courts fit there.

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Shop design features

In such a matter, as designing shops, the main emphasis is on the terrain in which it will be located. It can be a detached building, for which a separate project is created, the planning possibilities of which are extremely wide. If the future outlet is planned in the building, then you have to proceed from the existing dimensions and fit into them. Also designing of shops and shopping centers requires accurate calculations based on the expected turnover and number of customers.

Features of designing a shopping center

The most important thing when creating a project of a future shopping complex is to allocate space competently. According to the rules, about 70% of it should be allocated to retail outlets, the rest of the territory - for entertainment and food courts. Designing shopping centers begins with the selection of a site for future construction, while carefully analyzing the infrastructure of the area. It is also important to analyze the potential audience of the shopping center and draw up a concept. Finally, it will be a prerequisite to find out from the customer what he plans for the logistics of commodity flows and what level of attendance he expects.

The project itself TC is composed in several stages:

Specialists of our company excellently know the design standards of shops and shopping centers, so they will perform all the required operations at the highest level of quality. We will offer competent space zoning and will coordinate with you any detail, and the cost of services will be inexpensive.

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