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Architectural design of houses, individual projects

Price from 200UAH/m
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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

When building a building, the most important thing is designing. Thanks to a carefully thought out and implemented construction plan, it is possible to create a quality and durable construction. In the design office "Winnerstroi" you can order architectural design of houses and buildings for different purposes. Highly qualified engineers and architects of our design organization are suitable for solving the problem of designing houses, taking into account all requests and requirements of the customer.

Addressing to "Winnerstroi", each client can be sure that he will be carefully listened to and will create such a house project that will fully meet his needs. Individual design of houses in the project organization is a unique opportunity to build a house, taking into account all the wishes and recommendations from the client as much as possible.

Our specialists will develop a high-quality architectural project that will allow us to build:

We carry out individual designing of houses, creating exclusive designs of buildings of the most diverse configuration.

How we are working?
Financial transparency
Quality assurance
Eco-friendly materials
High reliability

Competitive advantages of the architectural and design bureau "Winnerstroi"

In our office architectural design of houses is carried out using the latest technology. In the implementation of projects we use the most modern equipment and technological equipment. During the creation of design works the most advanced techniques and innovative technological solutions are applied. Such an integrated approach to the execution of design works allows creating beautiful, stylish, and, most importantly, durable and reliable buildings and structures.

Thanks to the use of the latest software systems and the rapid exchange of data between the structures and departments of our company, individual house design is carried out in the most minimal terms.

In each project, our employees put their creative ideas and original design solutions, taking into account the wishes of customers and the requirements of the terms of reference and building standards.

Stages of house design

Each of the clients has the opportunity to stage-by-stage control of the progress of work with the introduction of necessary corrections and adjustments at each design stage. We perform architectural design of houses in several stages:

Architectural design of houses provides for the creation of a draft design. Such a sketch can be made on request of the client. Thanks to him, the customer can evaluate various ideas in the future construction, as well as add their own corrections and make additional wishes. During the sketch creation, we can develop a general concept of the future structure, give it the estimated characteristics, taking into account the various types of economic and technological indicators.

At this stage, sketches of the situational plan, the layout of engineering networks are made, a master plan is made, and the main points in the architecture of the building are worked out and the prospects of different building solutions are evaluated.

The process of designing houses at this stage provides for the development and approval of all necessary permits. The main emphasis is on the main indicators of the future construction:

Working project is the final stage in the individual design of houses and structures. It finally determines artistic, town-planning, as well as technical and environmental solutions. At this stage, a technical design assignment is formed, and a detailed explanatory note is formed.

We can implement the projects of a wide variety of types of houses, buildings and structures as a general designer.

Ordering an individual architectural design in the project office "Winnerstroi", you can create the house of your dreams!

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