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Geodetic works

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To date, geodetic work in Ukraine are in demand in the construction industry. Under this term it is accepted to understand a whole series of measures, which consist in measuring the surface of the earth by special devices with subsequent analysis. As a result of such work, the client will be able to get information about what can be relief features, as well as forecasts for a site for construction (favorable for buildings or not). Due to the existence of geodetic cadastral work , the entire construction process is substantially simplified. The company "WINNERSTROY" offers customers to order all types of similar works at a professional level. These services include:

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The most popular and necessary service is a topographic survey of a scale of 1 to 500. This process is needed for people who want to start designing and building objects for their own purposes, living or small businesses. Also, with the help of topographic survey, it is possible to estimate the scope of work in more detail and rationally calculate all necessary processes in order to avoid possible financial and time costs in the future.

No less common geodetic work in construction - is the installation or removal of the boundaries of a piece of land. This service will be needed for those who wish to resolve disputes with their neighbors about the division of the territory, wants to restore landmarks, determine the exact boundary. In addition, removal of boundaries is extremely necessary in the event that the site for construction has no boundaries and was recently obtained.

Site geodesy. Geodetic work in Kiev and the Kiev region

In addition to the above geodetic work, our company provides an opportunity to use the service of executive shooting. It allows you to fully control all production work, as well as determine the minimum inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the construction process. Thus, you can compare how the finished building (or at the time of construction) corresponds to the previously approved project. It is noted that this type of shooting is done repeatedly to identify inaccuracies at each stage - from laying the foundation to erecting the frame, etc.

The most important factor after the house is ready is the appointment of measurements. Our company has special equipment that will help to determine even minimal deformations in order to eliminate them. If minimal defects or problems with the construction of the structure were noticed, they must be corrected as soon as possible, since in the future one can face a number of difficulties. Do you want to order geodesy services? Please contact "VINNERSTROY", and the result will meet all your expectations!

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