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Modular buildings

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Modular buildings for efficient work and comfortable living

Modular buildings are an excellent alternative to traditional stone and wooden construction. By the specialists of our company, modular homes can be built quickly enough, and they will last for a very long time. In "Winnerstroi" they know a lot about metal prefabricated houses, because such buildings and structures are our specialty.

Today, offices are increasingly moving to these buildings, hotel guests are settling in. A good architectural solution modular homes will be in housing construction. Therefore, such a building can satisfy your needs, if you need to either organize a workplace for your employees, or acquire your own housing. All you need from us is to choose a project, typical or individual, of an industrial building or residential, and we will help to realize it.

Such a wide range of applications for these buildings is due to the fact that prefabricated buildings have a number of features. So, for example, a sufficiently large block-module can have several variants of execution: it can be completely closed, it can lack one and two walls. A building of modular buildings from the company "Winnerstroi" is also the best technological developments and solutions. Our specialists not only individually calculate each building, but instead of a frame of glued beams or a solid, they will offer a welded metal structure. Such an innovative, serious approach to business ensures that a modular building:

Modern modular buildings are built from containers. These elements of the future house are made in the factory. Next, the building is assembled right on site.

Modular houses - prefabricated buildings

The main advantages that prefabricated buildings and structures differ from specialists of Winnerstroi have already been evaluated by tens and hundreds of consumers. In addition, that a modular house can be built in a few days with fairly little labor, it can be populated immediately after the completion of construction. So, for example, our specialists will weigh a modular building at 50 m 2 for 2 weeks, and for a house at 200-300 m 2 we need a month.

Modular buildings In this house, not only warm and cozy, but also be sure to be comfortable. All necessary engineering networks, water supply, sewerage, ventilation work perfectly in it. Another important and so pleasant aspect for the future owner of the modular home is that the construction of these buildings can be carried out on the leased territory. In the event of a break in the contract or the end of its operation, you can take the house with you. Do you need your own house, office and storage space in a short time? Do you live in the territory of Kiev and the region? Then you need to apply for qualified help to "Winnerstroi".

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