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Construction of shops, cafes, restaurants

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If you have an idea to build a cafe, a shop, a restaurant or any other building of an arbitrary purpose, it makes sense first of all to consider the construction of a modular building.

The modular store is very simple to buy and the price of the modular building is much lower than the analogs in the capital version. To install any modular building, you do not need to start serious construction with the organization of the construction site, obtaining a warrant for excavation, digging a pit and installing an expensive foundation. If you decide, for example, to build a modular store or a mobile cafe or mobile restaurant building, then it's enough to pour out and smooth out a crushed or sand cushion 10 to 15 cm thick. That's the whole foundation! From the moment of placing an order in our company until the installation of a ready-made modular structure on your territory, it can take only 15 to 30 days. During this time you will have time to obtain the necessary permits and approvals, to provide the possibility of connecting your prefabricated building to the networks of external communications. To build a store, restaurant or mobile office is our specialization. The prefabricated building of your cafe or shop, depending on its size, can consist of one block-container or several interlocked modules. Moreover, it is allowed to build a modular store both in one floor under a common roof and in two or three floors. This method of installation will help you to save square meters of your territory. Specialists of our company will help you to determine the appearance of buildings: modular cafes, resotranes, modular offices, as well as interior decoration. If necessary, you can order from us the project of your building, choosing a ready project or ordering an individual design of a cafe, restaurant. Our company also produces kiosks and trade pavilions, so if you need to promptly build a commercial kiosk, please contact us.

The finished modular building with internal and external finishing will be delivered to you and unloaded using a truck crane. Therefore, building a modular store is a very simple task. Modular buildings are easily transported and do not require a serious preparation of the base for installation. After that, you can start installing the equipment and connecting the communications.

Construction of a modular store

We offer our customers the construction of prefabricated modular and frame buildings of shops, trade pavilions, cafes, bars and restaurants using modern technologies, as well as the construction of pavilions, shopping kiosks. We offer you a wide selection of ready-made projects, as well as, if necessary - individual designing of cafes, restaurants and shops. If you have decided on the construction site and have an idea of ​​the appearance and size of the building you need - feel free to call us very quickly realize your dream. The technology of erecting buildings with a "module" allows us to perform work on the installation of structures at any time of the year in all weather conditions and in very short time. Modular construction can be carried out on any solid surface, so no foundation is required. Building a prefabricated cafe, bar, disco club or restaurant is a quick process. Prefabricated stores we produce in 14 working days. To build a store on our technology is 3 days of work. Less than a month you get a ready-made building of a shop or restaurant "turnkey". In addition, this type of construction is economically advantageous, since it allows the fastest possible commissioning of the finished building. During our work, our company has designed, manufactured and built a variety of shopping pavilions, cafes, bars, restaurants and discos. Build a hangar or carry out the construction of industrial buildings - these are quite simple tasks. Each project that our construction company offers is a ready and original solution for the construction of a prefabricated building, this is the high quality of construction and the durability of the building, this is the minimum construction price.

Prefabricated structures. Modular buildings of commercial pavilions

It is not difficult to build a modular store and does not require large expenditures. Modules are widely used as trading pavilions in markets and shopping centers. Our company offers modules of various sizes and different configurations. If necessary, a heated module can be designed, as well as a module equipped with all necessary communications. Also, at the request of the customer, the module for the shopping pavilion can be equipped with windows, doors, swinging or lifting gates. We also build trading kiosks in record time. The use of modules as trading platforms is very popular due to the low cost, simplicity of the design, its mobility and durability. One of the main advantages of using modular buildings is their mobility. If necessary, your trading module can simply be moved to a new location, which is simply impossible with the capital construction of a commercial pavilion. Also, at the request of the customer, the modular building can be equipped with heating and ventilation systems and water supply systems. You can build a modular store without investing a lot of money. Our company offers you several ready-made solutions for creating a modular shopping pavilion.

Installation of structures. Frame trade pavilions

The company "Winnerstroy" carries out the construction of prefabricated buildings on the basis of a light metal frame. The advantage of this structure in comparison with modular construction is the possibility of creating large trade pavilions, covered markets and shopping and entertainment areas. In wireframe construction, a metal frame designed and tested by our engineers is used, which is produced at the factories of our company. And it should be noted that all welding work is done in the factory with multi-level quality control. Such an approach to the process of production of a metal frame for a prefabricated building allows our company to exclude the possibility of welding rejects when assembling the frame on a construction site. The finished metal frame of the prefab building is delivered to the construction site, where it is assembled by shutting off individual parts of the frame and installing it on a pre-prepared foundation. The carcass formation takes only a couple of hours. Depending on the conditions of operation of the shopping pavilion, as well as on the requirements put forward by the customer, there are several options for finishing the metal frame of a prefabricated building. The first version of the finish is used for non-insulated buildings - it is the sheathing of the metal frame with a profiled sheet and the use of corrugated board for the roof. The construction of the roof can be carried out both in the factory and at the installation site. If necessary, such a shopping pavilion can be equipped with attic windows or transparent insets on the ceiling. The second option of finishing - the more popular one - is the covering of the frame of the building with sandwich panels. Sandwich panels are a high-tech material that has a rich color scheme, easy to install and convenient to use. Prefabricated buildings from sandwich panels have become very popular. The erection of buildings and structures with subsequent sheathing of sandwich panels constitutes a significant proportion of our orders. The free space inside the sandwich panel is filled with insulating material. It is the thickness of the panel, and hence the insulating material inside it, that determines the degree of insulation of the frame building and its energy-saving characteristics. Depending on the operating conditions, the prefabricated building of the atomic washer or prefabricated building of the store can be equipped with various heating and ventilation systems. It is also possible to install air conditioners, arrange cold and hot water supply, lay electrical cables and telecommunications networks.

The prefabricated trade pavilion can be built both in one-story design and be multi-storey. In addition, we carry out operational production, installation and construction of trade kiosks. Prefabricated cafes, bars, restaurants, disco clubs. Prefabricated buildings price. Most of the customers building a bar, discotheque or restaurant, their main condition, put forward the fastest construction of a frame building. At the same time, the price of construction plays an important role. The company "Winnerstroy" has all the opportunities for rapid construction of buildings for bars, cafes, restaurants. We will offer you several ready-made projects developed by our specialists. The cost of construction and design as a result of extremely low. And you should not be afraid that your building will look like its predecessors. Due to a large choice of colors of facade materials or sandwich panels used in finishing the building's metal frame, in any case, we will be able to design and build your modular building inimitable and special. If you are not satisfied with any of the ready and implemented projects from our company, we are pleased to offer you an individual design of a prefabricated building. With individual design, our engineers will create a unique and unique project for you. Such a project will fully reflect the individuality of your institution and emphasize its characteristics. Our company guarantees fast and high-quality construction of prefabricated buildings under cafes, bars, restaurants, metal-framed clubs. Spent and brought to perfection the technologies used by our company allow us to construct even large and complex objects in the shortest possible time.


Prefabricated structures are increasingly used in modern frame construction. Our company uses mostly prefabricated metal structures during the construction of facilities. If you have not decided which way to build your preference, then you probably are curious to know what exactly influenced the widespread distribution and use of prefabricated buildings. Of course, these are the advantages of frame and modular construction: The prefabricated or modular building has a small weight in comparison with the capital structure, and therefore does not need such a powerful foundation. Thus, preferring quick construction, you save on the foundation not only money, but also time. When building a building on a metal frame all elements are delivered by the factory to the construction site almost completely ready. Installation of structures is greatly simplified. Thus, the construction period of the building is reduced and your expenses are reduced when building the building. Prefabricated buildings, the price of which is today the lowest, are very economical. Due to the use of high-tech materials for sheathing of the metal frame or module, you will later be able to significantly reduce the cost of heating the room. All prefabricated buildings at the stage of their production at the plant are equipped not only with the necessary technological openings and niches, but also, if necessary, with communications. This makes it possible to eliminate difficulties in the future when equipping your building. Therefore, the customer's time and money are saved. Prefabricated offices, shops, cafes are mobile. This means that, if necessary, any structure can be dismantled and built in a new location. Prefabricated warehouses or modular hangars built by our company can easily be moved and erected in a new location.

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