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Reconstruction of industrial buildings

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Reconstruction of industrial buildings - is a cost-effective way to restore the construction of aesthetics and functionality. You do not need to buy land and spend money on the construction of a new plant, and even more so it is not profitable to demolish a dilapidated building. Even if the construction has not been exploited for a long time, the reconstruction of industrial facilities in Kiev is an ideal way to reanimate the structure.

Reconstruction of industrial buildings - a specific direction. This kind of work requires thorough preparation, thorough study of the project, application of high-quality building materials, equipment and, of course, high qualification of the masters. The company «Winnerstroy» performs reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures not only in Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine. We will ensure the fulfillment of the task of any complexity.

The main reasons for the reconstruction of an industrial enterprise

Among the other reasons, the most common is natural wear and tear. Destruction is facilitated by environmental factors that lead to a deterioration in appearance. Under the influence of precipitation, the finish is destroyed, and with minimal attention from the owners - insulation, heating and a drain.

Also, reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures resorted if you want to increase the number of jobs, expanding the base, upgrade or redesign the object.

Timely reconstruction will allow the company to increase production volumes and be competitive.

Features of reconstruction of industrial buildings

Such activities as reconstruction are resorted to in a number of cases. If the dispatch is in an emergency condition or is dilapidated; If it is necessary to change the appointment, reschedule, build up the floors, additionally attach the objects - in each case, the help of competent specialists is required.

But if the work on the reconstruction of residential and commercial buildings often reduces to strengthening the foundation, eliminating cracks in the facade, then when reconstructing industrial facilities everything is much more complicated. Often, work with factories, warehouses and workshops is associated with a serious reorganization, repair from A to Z, expansion of the area and a change in the direction of production, complete replacement of ventilation, heating and climate systems.

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During the conversion of production complexes:

The company «Winnerstroy» conducts reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures. Recovery is not without paper red tape and the approval of the project in various instances. Often this burden falls on the shoulders of the customer. But turning to us, you do not have to deal with papers - we will perform this routine work ourselves.

Reconstruction of production facilities from the company «Winnerstroy»

We are engaged in the modernization of any level of complexity. Our office in Kiev is being contacted if it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive reconstruction of industrial enterprises (beginning with communication systems and ending with external finishing and access roads). We also take up partial work (for example, replacing the roof).

The company «Winnerstroy» has an appropriate license to carry out this kind of work. But the license is not everything: in our state there are highly skilled masters, skilled craftsmen and talented engineers. Therefore, we are able to carry out the reconstruction and redevelopment of industrial buildings in the shortest time, but in full accordance with the customer's task and construction norms.

We understand that stopping production is an undesirable option for a customer. In the process of work, we encountered enterprises with a continuous technological cycle. The stoppage of production at certain sites is only carried out when everything is ready for reconstruction of industrial buildings and industrial zones . That's why we pay close attention to the design. Such a thorough approach allows us to reduce the impact of constrained conditions on the timing and intensity of the process.

When developing a project, specialists take into account:

We carefully monitor all construction and installation works, as well as apply environmental safety measures (gas contamination, noise level, dustiness). We guarantee high quality of work in the most difficult conditions.

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