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Designing of high-rise buildings

Price from 120UAH/m
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you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Kiev is a modern dynamically developing city, therefore investing in designing high-rise buildings is a profitable exercise. Every year the number of residents in the capital of Ukraine increases, respectively, the need for housing increases. The design of high-rise apartment buildings must be carried out very carefully to ensure the integrity and durability of the structure.

The company «Winnerstroy» offers services for the design of multi-storey residential and non-residential buildings. We have sufficient experience, the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to implement the project of any complexity.

High-rise building design features

Special requirements are put forward for modern buildings: safety and comfort are points that do not tolerate compromises. A unique architecture, unusual exterior will make the construction noticeable against the background of monotonous typical buildings.

Before the designer starts his immediate task, the building class is chosen: elite, business, comfort and economy. At the design stage of high-rise buildings, the optimal supporting structures are also selected: box-type, frame-bonded, barrel, frame. The choice affects the functions, height of the house, the nature of the soil, weather conditions, seismicity.

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Designing high-rise buildings as art

Creating a construction project is a multifaceted process. First, the building should fit perfectly into the overall architecture of Kiev, without getting out of the general ensemble. Secondly, the complex should be convenient for homeowners, have a convenient traffic intersection and infrastructure nearby. Thirdly, the success of the construction depends on the safety of construction, consistency with building codes and standards.

When developing the scheme, specialists provide children's playgrounds, sports zones, guest parking lots and areas for disposing of garbage containers. The modern metropolitan complex is also equipped with access roads for fire trucks, closed parking lots, to operated roofs.

Over the years of work, our team has mastered the art of designing high-rise buildings in perfection. We are proud of the fact that our houses are an example of the reliability and unusual architecture of Kiev and Ukraine.

Designing skyscrapers from the «Winnerstroy»

One of the components of investment is the design of high-rise buildings. Considering the process of developing a project at home from the position of engineering, it is a chain of engineering calculations and the drawings drawn up on their basis.

Whether it is possible to make so that in present Ukrainian realities designing of high-rise buildings did not become for the investor-builder the test, full of risks, unpredictable expenses and uncertain terms of completion? You can by choosing an authoritative and trusted designer!

The company «Winnerstroy» - a reliable designer. Entrust us with the creation of the construction project and all the works will be performed at a decent level. With us you will save money and time.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

The design of high-rise buildings from the company «Winnerstroy» is an individual approach to each client, taking into account the wishes and norms. You come to us with the idea of ​​a future building, but leave - with a project worked out to the smallest detail.

For more information about the list and cost of services, please contact us by phone or leave a request for design.

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