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Reconstruction of residential buildings

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Reconstruction of residential buildings is a whole complex of works aimed at improving the characteristics, changing the layout, expanding the functionality of the building in which people constantly live. Also, the goal of the transformation is to make the structure aesthetic and bring it in line with modern requirements.

In terms of financial costs, reconstruction is more profitable than demolishing an old building and erecting a new one in its place. Most of the old housing stock can boast of the strength of load-bearing and enclosing structures. This becomes another argument in favor of preserving such objects.

The company «Winnerstroy» offers its services for reconstruction of residential buildings , as well as commercial, sports and entertainment complexes.

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The main types of work in the reconstruction of residential buildings:

Depending on the degree of obsolescence and accidents, the reconstruction of a non-residential building or a multi-unit residential building may be partial or complete. In the first case, one or more types of renovations are carried out: reinforcement of the foundation, replacement of the roofing. At full reconstruction of a non-residential building specialists perform a range of works: from strengthening the bearing walls to renovation of the facade.

Reconstruction of residential buildings in «Winnerstroy»

Existing planning solutions do not meet the current requirements for safety and comfort? Are communications obsolete, and the facade has lost its former appeal and requires renewal? Specialists of the company «Winnerstroy» will reconstruct residential buildings, as well as uninhabited fund, complying with the requirements of the current building standards. We carry out the work in a short time, we will coordinate the project in instances, we use high-quality building materials and modern equipment.

Half-ruined and non-residential buildings can be restored by creating comfortable and attractive apartments. Our company is engaged in restoration in Kiev for a long time. Thanks to reconstruction of uninhabited buildings , dilapidated and out-of-date, they acquire a second life. Please contact «Winnerstroy»! We guarantee fast and excellent results.

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