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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Who are we?

A team of professionals knowledgeable about everything and even more. Officially, our design and construction company founded in 2013, but its activity we started earlier. All this while we have been accumulating experience, formed the team and improved their skills to meet the demands of clients for the construction of safe and durable buildings.

We constantly monitor the news in the field erection and design of constructions, exploring innovative materials and methods of their use in decorative works. However, we do not avoid the classic architectural techniques, proven. Addressing to us, you get a complete package of services, including developing project and restoration.

What we are proposing?

Design - construct company «Winnerstroy» competencies in the field design and construction of structures:

At the same time, we understand that the new construction is not always justified. Sometimes more profitable to do the reconstruction of buildings, in order to enhance its functionality and change the destination. Therefore, our specialists will perform the restoration of old buildings, increasing the useful area or replacing old materials.

Our product is rational in terms of expenses, the decision in the field of trade, business, permanent or temporary accommodation, which combines convenience and safety in operation and, of course, stylish design.

Why our facilities especially?

Each structure that is created by our craftsmen, or then malls, villa or granary is proof that the ideal structures can and should create. We know how to design and implement Customer – an interesting concept. In our work we use as custom development projects and provided to Customers.

Advantages «Winnerstroy»:

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