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Designing of service stations, car dealers, car washes and cafes

Car dealers, service stations, car washes, cafes and pavilions are all places of public use, where every day except for the usual number of employees there are tens, if not hundreds of visitors. That's why such buildings should be comfortable not only for employees who work in them, but also for people who come there.

This approach is guided by the professionals of the company «Winnerstroy» and know that one of the most important stages of the construction of buildings and structures is the creation of the project.

After all, it is necessary to take into account in it:

  • how work areas will be planned,
  • number of jobs,
  • how to arrange the equipment,
  • where and what utilities will be located,

Together with you we will choose the optimal variant of a typical or individual project, in which all your requirements will be taken into account. And they are very different for car service stations, car washes, pavilions.

What you need for SRT and washing.

Your working draft of the SRT will be developed taking into account all requirements. If you do not have a solution to what you want to see on the site, then we will offer you options for drafts. Of these, you can choose the right one.

What distinguishes the company "Winnerstroy", so this proposal to solve the issue of design in a complex.

Without fail our specialists will conduct pre-project research, find out the general concept of the future car-care center. For further work, the following factors will be considered:

- the location of the future prefabricated building for servicing cars,

- what stream of customers are waiting on the SRT,

- the size of the future service,

- a list of services that will be provided at the service station.

The above information is extremely important for ensuring that all work areas are ergonomically placed, comfortable and rational. For car service it is very important to plan correctly the placement of the zones of entry and exit, the car acceptance zone. The maximum comfort should also be working places for workers of the service station, car wash.

Also, a zone will be developed where diagnostic and service equipment will be located (in the case of an auto service center). In addition, we will make sure that the parking zone is the most comfortable and well-planned.

What will be car dealerships, cafes and pavilions

c4019022d68b4a4bb12d19e6b3500e12 The car dealership is a more complex building that requires a whole complex of premises. The project must include zones:

- administrative,

- service,

- Warehouse,

- exhibition hall.

Each of these zones should be designed using the latest technology. In this case, all rooms must be executed in the same style.

During the design of the cafe, our specialists put the convenient zoning of the interior space and the comfortable, safe location of the utility networks at the forefront. Also, project calculations will be based on the number of people working in the cafe.

All of the above requirements are also relevant during the design of the pavilions. For all these buildings and structures, we will apply an exclusively individual approach. The price for the development of the project will depend solely on the area for which the work will be carried out, for what period of time they will need to be performed and to what category of complexity they relate to.

With our experts, your pavilions, cafes, service stations and sinks will be reliable, with high production performance, and, of course, aesthetic.

Projects for car wash, service station and car dealerships: comfort and high quality.

Prices from 60 uah/m2

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