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Designing of warehouses, agricultural buildings, granaries and hangars

Price from 95UAH/m
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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Design in a way that does not disrupt the technological process, with the observance of construction, sanitary and hygiene standards and fire safety standards. These requirements are fundamental for Winnerstroi specialists when working on projects of prefabricated agricultural buildings.

We will develop for you an individual or we will offer a standard project:

If you need any of these buildings, and you do not know where to start, please contact us, as we are guaranteed to complete a whole range of work on time.

We will make sure that:

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Features of designing of agricultural buildings

These buildings and structures are usually divided into two groups, which differ in their designation. So, for example, the first group includes those premises in which the production of agricultural products takes place. It can be dairy and poultry, livestock farms. Also here you can include agrotechnical complexes.

The second group of buildings and structures is designed for processing and storing agricultural products. These warehouses, hangars can be used as technological, repair or transport facilities.

Our specialists take into account all the design features of all buildings and structures. For industrial premises, in particular, farms, it is necessary to take into account that future facilities should not violate the technology of the production process. Moreover, they should contribute to increasing labor productivity. During the development of the project, our specialists necessarily take into account such a concept as veterinary protection. The best indicators can be achieved in the case of the construction of farms and complexes at a sufficient distance from each other.

During the creation of agricultural buildings in the company "Winnerstroy" due attention is paid to the design of automation. After all, the main goals that need to be achieved are:

We design for humans, birds and animals

During the design of livestock complexes our specialists clearly understand what and where will be located. In this case, it is very important to develop a system of ventilation, heating, sewerage. Also, all rooms should be planned in order to take care of the birds and animals with the help of specialized machines.

A special approach is also extremely important during the planning of shops where agricultural products are being produced. In the case of a feed mill, we will take care of both reliability and ergonomics of the building. For example, the master plan of the project will necessarily provide for the correct location of the loading gates, access roads to the shop. We will take care that production and logistics will work in tandem.

We also pay special attention to the heating of agricultural buildings. Most often for these purposes, stand-alone boiler houses are built.

Hangars are irreplaceable in agricultural business. This is an arch type room. We will develop for you a project of this structure that will meet all your requirements. In hangars from the "Winnerstroi" you can place both production and equip them for storage space, vegetable and grain storage.

Agricultural buildings: we design reliably to a millimeter

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