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Reinforced concrete structures

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Reinforced concrete structures Building

The company «Winnerstroy» carries out the construction of reinforced concrete structures in Kiev and anywhere in Ukraine. On our account, the implementation of a variety of objects: from residential high-rise buildings to industrial facilities. Reliability and long-term operation, the ability to take any required forms, as well as insignificant costs in the manufacture and construction - these are the main reasons for the popularity of reinforced concrete structures not only in Ukraine but also in the world.

The material for the production of reinforced concrete products is the reinforcement and concrete mixture. Depending on the purpose, the building material can be made of concrete:

  • Cellular - porous, has a low density and weight;
  • Light - stronger with claydite, dense, used for external insulation panels;
  • Heavy - such ZHBK with rubble are considered the most reliable and strong;
  • Special purpose - are involved in the construction of dams and hydroelectric power stations.

Reinforced concrete structures: types

Depending on the further use, several types of JCR are distinguished:

  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures (blocks are made in the factory, and are assembled on site in a single structure.) They can be used for any construction. The prefabricated concrete house can be built in all weather conditions);
  • Monolithic (created immediately on the construction site, withstand colossal loads.) When installing reinforced concrete structures of this type, formwork is first created, after which the structure is filled with a concrete mixture);
  • Prefabricated-monolithic (combine the best qualities of 2 kinds of reinforced concrete.) They are characterized by a high index of spatial rigidity, such reinforced concrete structures are used in high-rise structures and overpasses.

Design of reinforced concrete structures

The company «Winnerstroy» provides a full range of services for the design of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, as well as monolithic and combined ZHBK. In the process of work, specialists develop drawings of the future construction, carry out precise calculations and a detailed plan of construction and installation works. We compile estimates, calculate the necessary building capacities, adaptations, develop basic technical and engineering solutions.

We offer an adequate assessment of the cost of designing concrete structures, which is based on the volume of design and complexity of the object.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • We carry out sale of reinforced concrete structures, not exposed to the environment, fireproof and reliable;
  • Apply the latest methods in the design and installation of structures;
  • We carry out a full range of works: from project development to loading and unloading operations and installation;
  • At the request of the customer, assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures in Kiev can be carried out in a short time;
  • We offer a huge range of reinforced concrete products: for road construction, territory improvement, high-rise and low-rise buildings, products for engineering infrastructure.

A unique combination of characteristics of concrete and steel reinforcement makes ZBBluchshem material for construction. If you are looking for a reliable company that will take care of all the issues related to the production and supply of reinforced concrete, please contact «Winnerstroy».

Ferroconcrete constructions price from 3200 UAH/m3

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