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Topographic survey

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Geodetic survey to date is an important procedure that must be carried out before the design of the facility. The procedure includes various types of research that are carried out at certain stages. In this case, we will talk about such a thing as topographical survey of a land plot . This is one of the main types of research that allows you to accurately develop a plan and topographic map of the territory. During ground survey, the specialist measures the level of height, turning angles, distances, etc. However, there is a relatively new and more functional method - geodetic survey with the use of special flying equipment. Such equipment has different power and is divided into two types - aerial photography or space imagery.

The company "WINNERSTROY" gives a convincing guarantee that topographic survey for building permits is performed on a professional level. It can also be performed on different scales, but the most popular among all is 1 to 500. The fact is that this scale is often used for other types of work, such as designing, reconstructing or developing master plans.

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In addition, such a scale makes it possible to determine engineering communications and coordinate them for the purpose of expedient installation. The survey of topographic type in most cases is divided into three stages:

WINNERSTROY employs experienced engineers and surveyors who will conduct the above and other studies in order to maximize time and resource saving. In addition, an acceptable pricing policy for these services will be a pleasant addition for each client. If you want to topographic surveys for design, construction and land use in Kiev, the area , as well as throughout Ukraine conducted professionally - contact our company. Long-term cooperation with specialists in this field guarantees you a result that will be achieved in a short time, so as not to delay with the beginning of the design and construction of the facility itself.

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