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Construction of sports facilities

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Construction of sports facilities Building

the Company "Winnerstroy" offers the construction and design of structures prefabricated nature to sports and recreation facilities. They include skating rinks, gyms, health centers and other facilities for this purpose. In the construction of structures used technology of reinforced metal frame, which is often used in the construction of sports buildings.

in most cases, such buildings have a complex layout and a large height. This factor suggests that the application of standard technologies raises many problems, which are subsequently dealt with by specialists. If you build structures based on a metal frame, many of the difficulties are not so terrible.

Using high-quality frame made of metal is a guarantee of reduction of the Foundation, which is very advantageous from the point of view of costs. Thus, the client can significantly reduce costs. Our company offers the design and construction of frame-modular facilities (tennis courts, swimming pools, ice arenas, indoor skating rinks, gyms, bowling halls, stadiums, gyms, volleyball, basketball and other buildings in the sports and Wellness area).

sports Buildings from the company "Winnerstroy" is the best solution for customers who want to build a structure with a minimum loss of cost in relation to the highest quality. Specialists in the work use innovative frame resources and technologies for the construction of full-fledged arenas, arenas and other health facilities using easily accessible metal structures. We understand how important sport is in life, and its popularity is constantly growing, so it is important to take into account every detail during construction. Due to the fact that the demand for sports facilities is increasing, the need for the construction of such structures is also growing.

Large sports buildings

Most of the sports buildings (stadiums, arenas, basketball or volleyball courts, as well as tennis courts) are structures with huge areas that include columns of bearing nature. For the construction of these types of facilities often use standard technology, which is a problem because they are too expensive. To build a complex object of sports destination should prefer innovative technologies-frame-modular construction, with the function of rapid construction.

The advantage of this building is that it is designed using a metal frame with a low weight, and sheathed with panels. The most popular methods of roofing and walls are sandwich panels from the factory. Also often used sandwich panel Assembly type element. Lightweight metal structures are prepared in a special way-first welded, painted, measured and tested.

< p > welding Works are carried out exclusively in the factory conditions in order to avoid low-quality processing at high altitudes, which can lead to a violation of the level of rigidity of the frame and the collapse of the building. On the construction site is delivered almost ready frame. All that is required from specialists in the process of construction is its Assembly with the use of special bolts. The metal frame is the main supporting structure of the building for sports purposes. It is subject to mandatory testing and miscalculations during the design, so the possibility of negative consequences is reduced to zero.

it is Important to consider that the structure is resistant to seismic factors and is not dependent on weather conditions. The surface of the metal frame in most cases is equipped with rigid ribs, prepared in advance by the welding method. Further, experts carry out the finishing of the walls and roof with the help of multi-layer panels, which ensures excellent heat insulation.

it is Noted that with this technology it is possible to build such buildings as tennis courts, ice arenas, swimming pools, stadiums and other facilities in a short time. The process of finishing the structure takes a little time, so the customer can count on the possibility of early delivery of the building in operation.

Construction of small-sized sports facilities

pre-Fabricated structures using frame – modular technology are an innovative solution in the construction of sports grounds, gyms, bowling alleys and billiard halls. The sports facility can eventually be developed on the technology of modular construction, or with the use of a metal frame. This factor depends on the size of the sports facility.

it should Also be noted that even in the process of designing, specialists think through all the communication of the building, and this is provided for in the development of the design itself at the production stage. As a result, the customer receives a finished object, which includes all the components (Sewerage, heating, water, electricity, etc.) that meets modern requirements. The building receives all technological elements for further installation. In addition, the customer can implement with the help of our specialists the introduction of ventilation systems, cold and hot water supply and other communications.

the company" Winnerstroy " provides a comprehensive design of facilities, as well as their construction and commissioning of almost all types of sports facilities. Order the construction of gyms, skating rinks, indoor tennis courts, swimming pools, bowling halls, basketball and volleyball courts, and other multifunctional solutions in our company, and the result will meet all expectations.


Our company offers to use the service of individual design for customers who have plans to build a large sports complex. The engineers of the company "Winnerstroy" design complexes and take into account each customer's preference. We also take into account the process of future operation of the facility. Specialists will provide you with a full-fledged project of the future construction of the complex, as well as all the necessary calculations and design of communication systems.

after the project is approved, our specialists start its implementation in the factory. The process of installation and development of prefabricated structures for sports purposes takes not so long – up to several months. Terms directly depend on the level of complexity, scope of work and availability of specialists.

Besides, our company offers to make calculations and construction of the base under this type of construction, and also we will carry out delivery of all materials to a platform for the purpose of increase of speed of construction. The specialists of "Winnerstroy" for many years engaged in the construction of prefabricated buildings frame type sports direction, so the customer can be sure of the highest quality results and short deadlines. Since the dispute over the construction of facilities of this scale is growing constantly, the construction of buildings is popular nowadays. This project is characterized by the speed of payback and brings much more profit.

Even if you decide to build a large sports complex or a small gym – our specialists always have a lot of non-standard ideas and solutions for your project. Objects with the possibility of rapid construction are innovative sports facilities that perform a lot of useful functions for athletes, and are often used for competitions of various sizes. Full-fledged arenas and arenas, ordinary sports grounds, bowling halls or other objects that have been made by our professionals will become very popular among visitors.

do you have plans to open your own sports centre? Contact a reliable company "Winnerstroy". For us, all the buildings have a unique and technically competent character. In the process of construction only innovative resources and technologies are used, which make the object not only attractive, but also ergonomic in terms of electricity consumption, which is a necessary condition for the construction of modern design.

the Designers of the company "Winnerstroy" in the work apply only the most advanced solutions in terms of lighting and heating of the building. This helps to significantly reduce costs during operation. In addition, our company can offer a modern full set of prefabricated sports complex or building, which is equipped with all necessary utilities – from ventilation to heating systems.

Sports facilities

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