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Studio Houses

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A new solution in residential construction. Free-planning studio house

The free interior layout and flat roof are the two main distinctive features of the studio house among dozens of other options. In these living rooms, rooms, ladders, bathrooms and engineering networks are planned taking into account the location of the sides of the world, and how the house is tied to the site. It is these principles that guide us during the construction of the studio house.

Our compatriots are not accustomed to such architectural solutions. Therefore, the company « W innerstroi" can be called the pioneer of building studios. Our specialists know how to organize and properly organize a living space that will last for several decades.

Features of home-studio

The construction of the roof of this house plays a decisive role in the further planning of the house. It allows you to make an internal space without partitions, as the calculations of the studio's home are carried out taking into account possible operational loads.

In addition, this type of construction can be multivariate. That is, from what the budget for future construction, what is the location of the site, depends on the future foundation and material for walls, interior decoration.

Building Technologies

Today, the construction of studio houses involves the use of a variety of technologies. So, for example, you can have a frame house with a flat roof and an open plan. These buildings are not inferior to brick and aerated concrete in such parameters as the bearing capacity of the floors, sound insulation, and the rigidity of the walls. This type of construction will be an affordable option for future owners.

To ensure that in the studio house was not just cozy, but also warm, we use in our work a special material based on mineral fiber. In addition, we necessarily apply and such material as geomembrane. It provides excellent waterproofing and protection from wind.

The roof in this house is special. The entrance to it should be as convenient and comfortable as possible, this part of the construction must be operated.

The erection of a studio house requires the creation of a special installation on the site, which will clean the sewage. But inside the house our specialists will install all the engineering networks.

If you want to live in a stone house-studio, then we will also be able to realize your dream. The future housing will be from aerated concrete and porous ceramic blocks. Thanks to this material, the building is monumental and thorough.

The technology of building a home-studio directly depends on what kind of house the customer wished. If it is a question of one-story construction, then a lightweight system of overlapping is used here. But the construction in several floors and with several levels provides for the use of monolithic construction technology, in which there will be a removable formwork, prefabricated structures made of metal.

In addition, in order to save energy for heating the future home, we can recommend the use of a monolithic foundation, in which there will already be a ready heating system.

The company «Winnerstroy» makes an exclusive, most ergonomic and reliable architectural proposal to the inhabitants of Kiev and the region!


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