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Design of apartment buildings

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of apartment buildings Architectural design

Design of multi-apartment buildings is one of the main activities of our project office. This is a complex task, during the solution of which several important factors should be taken into account:

  • comfort and convenience of the tenants of the house
  • cost per square meter of housing;
  • the ratio of the total and living space of the room
  • functionality of the home, etc.

Advantages of designing apartment buildings

Why is designing a multi-apartment apartment building so popular and relevant today? With the increase in density of buildings, the use of multi-apartment buildings is becoming increasingly profitable economically. In addition, such facilities require almost the same labor for the creation of engineering communications, as well as the structure of the cottage type. A similar situation with their operational characteristics and maintenance.

Professional design of multi-apartment buildings

The design office "Winnerstroy" offers professional services for the design of apartment buildings in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer and the legislative and construction standards that the finished object must meet. At the same time, other factors that affect the overall characteristics and final cost of the object should also be taken into account:

  • structural features of the building
  • economic features of construction and operation
  • terms of reference and planning solutions
  • urban development standards in the region
  • availability and features of operation of engineering networks and communications

Design of apartment buildings. Stages of work

Since the design of multi-apartment buildings is a multistage task, it is carried out in several stages:

  • gathering of geodetic information about the location of the construction object
  • Obtaining a town planning plan that displays the land plot
  • engineering geological survey
  • calculation of engineering and communication networks
  • Obtaining technical conditions that give the right to connect utilities
  • the creation of an architectural project (design of residential apartment buildings).

If you need to design residential apartment buildings, then contacting our company, you can get the whole range of services from the initial stage to the final one. Our specialists will not only implement the design of apartment buildings, but also help with the implementation of all related works:

  • dismantling;
  • training;
  • communications pads
  • finishes, etc.

Advantages of ordering houses in Winnerstroy

By contacting the Winnerstroy project office, you receive the most favorable terms of cooperation, which gives you the opportunity for greater economic benefit in the end. We offer flexible conditions of cooperation and payment and an individual approach to each client, guarantee high quality of design work and optimal compliance with the customer's technical requirements.

Price from 50 UAH / m2

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