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Design of houses of townhouses

Price from 150UAH/m
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all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

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you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Townhouses are an architectural solution that is very popular in Europe. These low-rise buildings with a small number of apartments abroad have been inhabited for more than a decade. In our country, they appeared not so long ago, but their popularity is growing from year to year.

Townhouses from "Winnerstroy" are houses that have a number of features that are both advantages. So, for example, such buildings can be a blocked building, in which - the general scheme of communications. All this allows to save money both for building materials and for the built up area of ​​land plots.

Although townhouses appeared not so long ago on the territory of Ukraine, yet our specialists have experience in designing such residential buildings. In our "piggy bank" - the successful design of entire settlements, which consist of both semi-detached townhouses and detached houses.

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The company "Winnerstroy" today can offer both a standard solution for your townhouse, and individual design of cottages. Necessarily, any of these solutions will be economically profitable and comfortable. Monotony and uniformity in the exterior is not about our projects. We offer unique, expressive and harmonious solutions for townhouses and cottages.

Features of designing of townhouses

The complex of comfortable low-rise buildings, which are combined with each other side walls, differ from other usual buildings in that:

Companies "Winnerstroy" offers design solutions for townhouses of different classes. This can be both economical and elite solutions.

Although design solutions can be diverse, yet such houses have to be built according to similar requirements. For townhouses is characterized by the standardization of space-planning works:

The design works of "Winnerstroy" pass all stages from sketch to working documentation. At each stage, architectural, engineering, and structural solutions are coordinated with licensing authorities and the customer. All this will be approved in the terms of reference.

If you decide to build a townhouse, you can count on the fact that you will save not only on the construction itself, but also on the development of projects. The latter becomes possible due to the fact that the typification of projects is often used. The developed project can be applied again.

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