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Reconstruction of administrative buildings

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Reconstruction of administrative buildings Reconstruction

The company «Winnerstroy» specializes in reconstruction of administrative buildings in Kiev. The experience of our specialists allows us to take into account all the wishes of the customer and carry out repair and construction work in the shortest possible time.

Reconstruction of the administrative building , in which the state structures, the management apparatus, public organizations and commercial enterprises are located is carried out within the framework of adaptation of old buildings for modern needs.

Kiev is rich in buildings that were built several decades ago, which fell into decay and require reorganization to continue exploitation. However, not only inherited buildings require the intervention of masters. Our company is often contacted by customers who own relatively new facilities (erected a few years ago). Such buildings were originally built for not the most successful project and require restructuring. We take up the most difficult cases, and we carry out the reconstruction of administrative buildings in accordance with building codes.


Renovation of administrative buildings is subject to increased demands. Many of them have the status of a monument of architecture, therefore require the performers of the appropriate qualifications, attention in the selection of building materials and equipment. It is important to take into account that people will work in such facilities. That's why our specialists pay special attention to choosing the type of planning, security systems and equipping with modern communications.

During reconstruction of administrative buildings , we perform the facade finishing with natural stone, granite and stucco. We also decorate exterior walls with decorative plates, stylish translucent structures.


Restoration and renovation of facilities, where the administrative apparatus of organizations is located, the specialists of our company carry out in several stages:

  • general survey of buildings, networks, obtaining technical specifications
  • gathering of preliminary documentation and drafting;
  • approve the project in the appropriate authorities
  • repair and construction work (reinforcement, redevelopment, cladding, improvement, etc.)
  • commissioning of the structure.

Reconstruction of an office building requires great skill. Please contact «Winnerstroy». We will carry out construction and repair work taking into account the wishes. We offer a complex execution of all works on a turn-key basis.

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