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Warehouse terminals

Price from 3500UAH/m
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Prefabricated frame warehouses

In our time, virtually no production can not do without its warehouse.

Warehouses are very high requirements for both performance and appearance. Of course, you can rent a warehouse or build a warehouse from improvised building materials. However, both these variants lose considerably in comparison with the modular prefabricated warehouse.

The company "Winnerstroi" offers you modern, comfortable and beautiful warehouses, built on modular technologies. Prefabricated warehouses have a huge number of advantages - they are quickly built, have a modern look, can be equipped with almost any necessary communications and equipment. But this does not end the advantages of prefabricated warehouses. They are mobile, which will allow you to place the storage room where you want, and if necessary move the warehouse to a new location.
 Our company offers you a wide range of warehouse buildings of various sizes for storing your goods, machinery and cargo. Also we offer refractory containers - warehouses, which will help you to keep your products both during storage and during transportation.
 Prefabricated or modular warehouses - this is the best solution for your business!

Prefabricated frame warehouses

All projects of our warehouses are developed in the shortest possible time and taking into account all your wishes. Carrying out the design of warehouse buildings, our designers will take into account the features of your logistics and technology of placing goods in the warehouse and moving them. If necessary, you can get rid of the supporting columns inside the building of the warehouse, making the premises single-span, which means an increase in the usable area and the convenience of allocating the areas of your warehouse building. Prefabricated storage facilities can be of arbitrary shape, which will allow storing, sorting and storage of cargo on the shelves as efficiently as possible.

Warehouses for logistics companies are designed in such a way as to be able to place inside the logistics complex other than your goods and cargo and the necessary premises for your personnel - built-in administrative buildings.
 Such warehouses can be used by logistics companies, in production, at customs points. If the customer wishes, such ABC buildings can be organized in two or more floors, offices, auxiliary and technical rooms or a recreation room can be organized. Moreover, the layout of the warehouse can be changed if necessary, without affecting the load-bearing structures of the warehouse.
 Warehouses are a metal frame made of finished factory elements, connected by bolted or welded joints. After assembling the frame of the warehouse on the foundation, it is processed by flame retardants that protect steel structures from overheating and destruction in case of fire.

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In order to achieve the necessary strength and rigidity of the structure of a warehouse building, the frame of a prefab building is assembled from steel frames that are connected with each other by longitudinal and diagonal runs that strengthen the structure of the building. These measures allow the building to withstand wind and snow loads, as well as dynamic loads from the operation of various equipment and machinery inside the warehouse. The frame of each warehouse is carefully calculated taking into account the weather and climate conditions of the site of use, the construction of the building is designed with significant reserves of strength of the units, parts and connections.
 At the time of construction, design supervision of construction quality and technology is carried out, multi-level quality control of welded joints using laboratory radiographic and ultrasonic studies.
 The customer is provided not only with quality certificates for materials used in construction, but also the conclusions of laboratory surveys of structures, acts of hidden work.

Warming warehouses or cold warehouses?

Of course, everything depends on the type of materials for storage of which the warehouse building is built. If the goods and goods to be stored are not afraid of low or high temperatures, if they are not afraid of multiple changes in temperature and humidity inside the warehouse, then, of course, it is economically feasible to build a cold warehouse building. Such a building will protect your products from precipitation and will cost you thirty per cent cheaper than a similar building of a warm warehouse. For covering the roof and walls of a cold warehouse, it is sufficient to use long-lasting sheet materials: profiled or polycarbonate.
 As a roofing material and material of wall panels, any material chosen by the customer can be used. Depending on the conditions of operation of warehouses, technical requirements for premises and requirements for the appearance of buildings, our specialists will help you choose the most suitable types of materials for the facade and roof of the warehouse building.

As a roofing material and material for covering the walls of a warm warehouse, it is advisable to apply factory-built sandwich panels or to assemble a sandwich of sheet-by-layer assembly.
 The most popular in the construction is the use of sandwich panels. The advantage of sandwich panels is not only their high degree of factory readiness, which makes it possible to quickly implement the carcass plating, but also the choice of filler for panels with a certain coefficient of thermal insulation, choice of panel thicknesses and color gamut of polymer coatings. As a heater in sandwich panels, certified non-combustible fillers are used, which provide a high coefficient of thermal insulation, as well as fire resistance of the warehouse.

We have experienced designers who will create an individual warehouse project for you as soon as possible. It is also worth noting that all prefabricated buildings based on a metal frame can be easily modified, reconstructed or modified already in use. We offer a wide range of color solutions. Choosing the skin of the warehouse sandwich panels, you can make your store bright, modern and individual.
 In addition to the construction of the building during the construction, we carry out the full completion of the warehouse for a turnkey. Depending on your requirements, the warehouse can be completed with swinging or lifting gates, dock levelers, wickets, crane beams and other necessary elements.
 The warehouse project can provide for continuous tape glazing using plastic windows or transparent cellular polycarbonate, as well as installation of translucent structures on the roof of the warehouse.
 At the request of the customer, the necessary accessories, such as dockleivers and shelters, can be delivered.
 If you need to move the warehouse to a new location, you will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages that the construction of light metal structures gives. After all, the only thing you have to build from scratch is the foundation for the warehouse building. The warehouse itself can be simply dismantled, packed and transported to a new location where it can be quickly assembled and put into operation in a short time.
 The technology allows you to repeatedly assemble and disassemble the building without compromising its performance characteristics.

 We also offer a full range of services related to the geological analysis of the terrain, the design and construction of the foundation, the production and delivery of finished structures to the construction site, the erection of the skeleton of the warehouse building and its cladding with the material selected by you.

We produce development projects for warehouses and construction of a turnkey warehouse: agricultural warehouses and canopies, customs warehouses, warehouses for logistics companies, industrial storage facilities.

Concrete floors, are the so-called "pie", consisting of certain layers. All of them have their own purpose and must be packed in strict sequence.

Floor structure:

  • 1. Topping
  • 2. Monolithic concrete
  • 3. Waterproofing
  • 4. Concrete preparation
  • 5. Geotextiles
  • 6. Compacted sanding base
  • 7. Soil
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Metal structures are lightweight and inexpensive buildings made by the frame method.

Why we choose MK

  • 1. Less pressure on the ground
  • 2. Construction speed
  • 3. Geometry correctness
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Fencing structures are sheathed with high-quality sandwich panels Both domestic and foreign manufacturers

Wall structure:

  • 1. Sandwich panel
  • 2. Lining
  • 3. Low ebb
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The roof is also a "pie", consisting of certain layers. Roofing, mounted with the proper execution of work on the laying of all materials is the most important element in maintaining heat in the room.

Why we choose the membrane:

  • 1. Flexibility and strength.
  • 2. Protective properties that increase the heat resistance and UV resistance.
  • 3. Good adaptation to different temperatures.
  • 4. Compliance with fire requirements.
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