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Design of residential buildings and complexes

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of residential buildings and complexes Design

The process of designing residential buildings was previously uneconomical for people, but profitable for construction companies. The demand for housing in our country is growing regardless of economic problems, so the fall in the cost is not expected. When planning the construction of a residential structure, the company must take into account the needs of future homeowners in order to create an increased level of safety and comfort.

And this is impossible without the development of a residential project, because a residential building is a complex structure, in the construction of which many factors, such as:

  • Soil composition for proper foundation calculation
  • location of neighboring buildings and access roads
  • The purpose of housing (economy class apartments, elite housing, etc.)
  • much more.

We design houses

We carry out the design of residential buildings, relying solely on the wishes of the customer.


Contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive a professional package of documents, including calculation and estimate documentation, sketches, plans, drawings and schemes for connecting to city communications. We cooperate with municipal and private construction companies, if necessary, providing their employees to guide the construction stages.

Working on the project, our team will offer you some typical options, to which, at the request of the customer, changes and additions can be made. However, one should bear in mind the fact that such a change affects the cost of the project, since the building's load on the foundation and the route of communication must be recalculated.

Design of residential complexes

The construction of residential complexes is a new approach to the organization of housing conditions. We believe that it not only meets the requirements of the present, for similar housing complexes - the future of our cities. The main difference between such architectural ensembles is their convenience, harmony and maximum interaction with the environment. Work on the design of the residential complex includes a comprehensive solution of the terrain, planning of park areas, communications, access roads and own infrastructure.

We carry out the entire set of works, which implies:

  • study of terrain, soil, groundwater table at different times of the year
  • development of the idea of ​​a residential complex, sketching and visualization using a virtual 3D model
  • development of the layout of living quarters;
  • preparing drawings;
  • preparation of calculation and estimate documentation.

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of residential buildings and complexes Design

The design of residential complexes is a complex creative and engineering process, in which the artist's imagination, modern trends and design solutions are involved, designed to provide future residents with comfortable and safe conditions. Applying to our company, you are guaranteed to receive the most winning project from a variety of possible options!

Price from 50 UAH/m2

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