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Design of reinforced concrete structures

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of reinforced concrete structures Design

"Winnerstroy" carries out the design of reinforced concrete structures of various degrees of complexity. Our portfolio includes hundreds of ready-made projects in Kiev and Ukraine.

The design of reinforced concrete structures is the most important stage in construction, the purpose of which is to obtain accurate reinforcement data. From the calculations and the construction of segments depends the inviolability of the future structure, the timing of the project and the investment attractiveness of the enterprise. That's why the design of concrete structures should be handled by professionals. Having extensive experience, sufficient qualification, equipment and the latest technologies, "Winnerstroy" creates all the statements, reports and tabular data.

The process consists of several stages:

  • development of formwork drawings
  • design calculation for actual loads
  • layout of fittings and parts;
  • Specification.

"Winnerstroy" offers the following services for the design of reinforced concrete structures:

  • Monolithic reinforced concrete foundations
  • load-bearing skeletons of residential and industrial buildings
  • reinforcement of concrete structures;
  • consulting support for customers in the design of reinforced concrete structures
  • A thorough construction control.

Design Cost

When assessing the cost of designing concrete structures and concrete structures, the parameters such as the volume and complexity of the structure are taken into account. The price is calculated for each type and individual object separately. In this case, in the case of an increase in the total amount of design, the project price does not increase, but, on the contrary, decreases.

Specialists of the company "Winnerstroy" will conduct an accurate transparent costing. For regular customers, there is a flexible system of discounts. The conditions of bonus programs should be specified by managers.

Trusting us, you can be 100% sure that the finished designs meet the current Ukrainian standards.

The price from 65 UAH/m2

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