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Construction of new buildings

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Construction of new buildings Building

Construction of new buildings - a popular destination in the Ukrainian capital. Many townspeople dream of buying real estate in Kiev, because this is the only way to improve housing conditions, without leaving the city line. In the market of services there is a sufficient number of specialists performing designing a new building . «Winnerstroy» has brought together professionals who can fulfill every customer's dream.

Modern new buildings are built on new technologies using building materials that have improved performance characteristics. The approach to the design of new buildings has also changed, which are often an integral part of the residential complex. Apartments in such skyscrapers are very spacious, and, if necessary, are easily amenable to redevelopment.

Construction of new buildings in Kiev - profitable investment of funds

The number of residents in the capital of Ukraine increases every year. That is why many businessmen invest in construction of new buildings in order to provide local and newcomers with decent housing at the European level.

However, to build a new building is not enough to have the necessary amount. Construction of a new building in Kiev involves many stages:

  • making responsible decisions
  • collecting endless signatures;
  • tedious queues in instances.

Not every businessman has time to solve such issues.

«Winnerstroy» is a reliable developer with many years of experience. During the work we managed to realize more than 100 projects new buildings . To the construction of a residential facility, we come with special attention, spending a large number of forces. When preparing a package of documents, we must comply with the rules and regulations of the law. That's why investors trust us: we have practical work experience, the best specialists and compliance with the rules for the construction of new buildings.

We provide a full range of services, including the design of new buildings and engineering infrastructure.

The distinctive advantage of «Winnerstroy» is the transformation of each new building into an individual brand. We do not just build residential buildings, we form an environment of comfortable living.

Construction of new buildings price from 5000 UAH/m2

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