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Design of granaries

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of granaries Design

Ukraine is an agrarian country. Every year, agriculture is accelerating the pace of development. Because the company "Winnerstroy" one of the key areas of its activity considers the design of granaries.

Having land of agricultural crops, the owners of fields should remember that growing grain is only half the case. The success of the entire enterprise depends on how well the ton of grain is stored until the moment it is sold to its customers.

The elevator is not just a room, but the design of elevators is a multifaceted process. This is a set of structures, including:

  • Silo towers
  • grain dryers
  • Workspace.
  • temperature control devices
  • Conveyors.

On average, the grain storage facility is equipped with more than 100 process units. The design of complexes intended for grain storage includes several stages: from the creation of a sketch to the construction and commissioning of the structure.

The quality of the project affects the entire construction procedure, the productivity of machinery and, ultimately, the investment attractiveness of the enterprise.

Specialists of "Winnerstroy" are ready to help in the design of granaries of any type. We offer the development of a multifunctional design ready for use, in which the products will retain their best qualities.

The main requirements for the design of granaries

After harvesting, the grain takes another 1-2 months to dry out. At this time, the grain breathes, releasing excess moisture. Therefore, the design of the elevators provides for sufficient ventilation on grain storage so that the crop is not prela. Increased temperature and humidity cause the development of pathogens that are capable of destroying most of the crop.

All storage facilities should also be thoroughly protected from rodents, pests, safe for workers, durable and strong to withstand the pressure of the grain mass. Add to this the normal sanitary and hygienic working conditions, explosion safety and ease of use, and you will receive reliable and durable granaries from the company "Winnerstroy".

Designing grain storage facilities from Winnerstroy: advantages

  • depending on the wishes of the client, we create typical or individual solutions
  • we consider the optimal placement of ventilation systems, climate control, access roads
  • our engineering solutions contribute to an ideal air temperature and humidity in the room, which is especially important for vegetable stores, feed mills and other facilities for processing and storing grain and oilseeds
  • when designing elevators, we select the best materials and components, taking into account the region and the functions assigned to the structure
  • provide for the possibility of damage to property by rodents, undermining groundwater, and take precautionary measures.

We offer the design of granaries with a flat bottom, silos cone-shaped structures, as well as temporary prefabricated storage.

The price from 50 uah/m2

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