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Shopping pavilions

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Shopping pavilions Other sections

Winnerstroi offers the manufacture, construction and installation of pavilions. We can order and buy pavilions of all sizes and any degree of complexity. The construction and installation of the pavilions of the stop and trade pavilions will be carried out by our specialists in a timely and qualitative manner.

Stop and awning pavilions you can freely place on a small area in any part of the city. In such pavilions can be placed and a sales outlet and the sale of a wide variety of goods, so that people would easily buy one or another product without visiting large supermarkets.

Stop pavilions

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Shopping pavilions Other sections    The stopping complex consists of a shopping pavilion, a canopy over a waiting area, benches, a stop sign for public transport. Depending on the model, such stops can be completed with anti-vandal glass, benches, message boards, etc. The stop pavilion combined with light boxes, scrollers, kiosks, allows using this type of outdoor furniture as advertising media.

The production of the stop pavilion comes from quality materials, so we guarantee the optimal combination of wear resistance and aesthetic appearance of such metal structures. The production uses stainless steel, aluminum, translucent cellular polycarbonate.

We can offer you the production of tent and stop pavilions both for our standard and your projects, and also we can develop an individual stop project for you.

It is also possible to install a heating system, a ventilation system, an air-conditioning system, shopping and storage racks, plumbing, furniture, canopies and canopies, a drainage system in the stopping complexes.

Trading pavilions

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Shopping pavilions Other sections    Production of pavilions takes place according to standard or special projects, depending on the wishes of the customer. As a result, the pavilion contains all the necessary premises for work. Trade pavilions are equipped with all necessary communication systems and equipment. Thus, the erected pavilion is a completely ready-to-use building. A large range of colors and exterior materials and a wide choice of materials for interior lining allows the customer to customize his pavilion. The production of pavilions is, as a rule, performed at the place of their operation.

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Shopping pavilions Other sections    In the standard version, the pavilion can consist of: 1. Welded Metal frame consisting of pipes of different cross-section, channel (Pipes are selected depending on the size and configuration of the pavilion) 2. Exterior finish: can be made from profiled sheet (Color for customer's choice), Composite aluminum panels, Eco-Bond type (Color for customer's choice), or from Aluminum rack systems. Interior finish: Walls-can be made of plastic or MDF Bags (seam or without seam), Drywall, Composite panels. The ceiling can be made of the same materials as the walls, and it can also be hanging, such as Armstrong. Floor-Linoleum, Carpet, Laminate. Electrics: Electrical wiring, Sockets, Switches, Counter, Automatic, Fixtures with fluorescent lights, Spot lights (outdoor lighting of the frieze). The cross-section of wires, number of automatic machines and lighting is calculated depending on the area and needs of the network load. Warming: The walls use foam plastic 50 mm, Hydro and Steam barriers. In the ceiling Min. wool ISOVER, chipboard board, board 25 mm. Floor-Flooring board 25 mm, Plate chipboard, Linoleum. Plumbing: If you need san. knots-we make internal wiring of water and sewer pipes. Windows Doors: To the cost are added separately, depending on their number and size (PVC windows with 1 or 2 chamber glass package, Doors for choice of PVC or Metal) Configuration, filling, external and internal finishing can be changed according to customer's request ( in the description above is a standard version). To buy a pavilion in Kiev, you just need to fill out the "Order calculation" form or just call us. Delivery: We deliver and install the Pavilion on a pre-prepared foundation. The cost of delivery of the pavilion is discussed separately (in case it will be delivered by modules). The delivery is paid separately. Depending on the conditions, different types of vehicles are used: an on-board vehicle, a truck with a manipulator, and a truck with increased cross-country capability. For the main frame profile pipes are used. The exterior finish can be made from profiled sheet, composite aluminum panels, Eco-Bond type, or from aluminum rack systems. This version is statically calculated for cases of wind load. LFA is often located near shopping centers and even retail grocery stores, therefore:

  • the fire safety measures incorporated in the construction of the kiosk can not be superfluous;
  • when building LFAs (s), it is important to imagine what type of transport it will be delivered
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