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Service stations and gas stations: the rapid construction of mobile buildings

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Service stations and gas stations: the rapid construction of mobile buildings

The construction of prefabricated gas stations and service stations is another important direction in the activity of our company. We know how to make these buildings and structures warm, durable, durable, with a high level of fire resistance, and yet they will have an excellent appearance.

Service stations, gas stations and, possibly, even entire filling stations, are one of the most urgent requirements of the time. First of all, it is caused by a dynamic growth in the number of cars that are in the habit of breaking, and which need to be regularly refueled.

That's why these objects can not tolerate delays and erect them in the shortest possible time. And this advantage for a fast-erected building is, if we compare it with concrete and brick construction. In addition to the speedy construction of filling stations and service stations, these buildings are highly mobile. That is, structures based on a metal frame are very easy to assemble and disassemble and transport from place to place.

We can offer a typical, year-proven design of future service stations or gas stations, or work on individual planning of the future building. Whichever option you choose, we will approach the implementation of any project equally responsibly. At the same time, we must provide for all necessary communications and guarantee the most ergonomic layout.

The proposal, which the specialists of our company make to the customer, are the options for "warm" and "cold" service stations and filling stations. In the first case, multicomponent construction technology is used. For example, insulated sandwich panels can be used. If we are talking about "cold" construction, then only the profile galvanized sheets are used here.

As you can see, there are options. We are waiting for your choice.

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