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Change of land assignment

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In order to change the purpose of various land lots, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. We suggest that you consider the basic steps that must be taken, if necessary, to change the purpose of the land . Provided that the procedure will be carried out correctly and in accordance with the requirements, the purpose of the land will be changed promptly and without special difficulties.

The first step is to write an application for this procedure, which must be submitted on behalf of the owner. Earlier it was necessary to get permission, but to date, this is not required. The basis for developing a land design project will be the application for a change in the designation of a land plot , which must necessarily be certified by a notary.

The second step , which must necessarily be carried out, is the development of the earth device design and its reconciliation to change the destination. To engage in the development of this project, you must always contact a company that works closely with engineers and land managers, or has them in the state. Organization "WINNERSTROY", thanks to ten years of experience in the market, is ready to help in this matter as quickly as possible and in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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For the transfer of land from the OSG for development, the price which has differences depending on the choice of the contractor, was conducted correctly, be sure to consider the third step . It consists in the approval of the developed project. Immediately after positive conclusions have been obtained, it is necessary to transfer it to the local government for the purpose of applying for approval. This body (village council, city council, etc.) decides whether to reject or accept the appointment change project at the session.

The fourth step is the submission of a project that changes the purpose of land in Kiev, the area and the whole Ukraine to the state cadastral registrar. This is necessary in order to enter data on all changes in the GCC. At this stage, it is necessary to obtain an extension, which will be a confirmation of the fact that the designation of the land was changed legally. It is worth noting that at the moment there is no payment for such services in the GCC.

The last, fifth step in this procedure is a certificate of ownership of the land plot, which was changed in the destination plan. For this purpose it is necessary to apply to the management of the state registration service. After all the necessary documents have been submitted, within 14 days the registrar will give you a certificate stating the change of the purpose of the land plot Kiev or in another city.

As you can see, the process is quite costly in terms of time, however, busy people always have a way out of the situation - contact the company "WINNERSTROY". We will help you to implement this task in a short time in accordance with the current requirements, so you do not have to worry about the possibility of failure.

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