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Storage hangar

Price from 3500UAH/m
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When it becomes necessary to erect a warehouse with the maximum optimization of expenses for time and money, the construction of warehouse hangars from metal structures is very helpful. The buildings are light in weight and, if necessary, can be disassembled with the possibility of erection elsewhere. In this case, you can implement any design solutions, fully adapting the future warehouse for the needs of the customer. Therefore, if you need premises to store goods, the construction of a warehouse - hangar will be the most optimal option. You get a universal hardy structure, resistant to negative environmental factors. The construction process itself takes the shortest possible time, in contrast to the erection of reinforced concrete structures. And finally, a particularly eloquent argument - for the construction of hangars and warehouses the price is set quite democratic, it costs much less than the capital construction.

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Design of hangar warehouses

No building can be built without preliminary drafting. This condition is also true for prefabricated hangars. At the initial stage, the terrain is studied in detail, geodetic exploration is carried out. Of course, the construction of warehouses and hangars involves less demanding requirements in terms of the landscape than the capital construction. However, it is still necessary to collect information about the object. Also, when designing, safety standards established in accordance with GOST are taken into account.

The project is necessarily consistent with the customer, after which all the necessary calculations are made and technical documentation is prepared. And then the construction of prefabricated hangars begins.

Features of the construction of hangar warehouses

As already mentioned above, the erection of warehouses from metal structures has its own specifics. In this case, unlike the capital construction, everything is simplified and optimized as much as possible. No grueling preparatory work, no mountains of building materials - costs and labor costs are minimal. Prefabricated warehouses usually consist of several basic elements:

Also, prefabricated hangars usually have different engineering communications, which are completed at the final stage of construction. In addition, if necessary, they can be provided with thermal insulation to maintain the required temperature inside the building.

Where to order storage hangar?

The specialization of our company is the construction of warehouse hangars on a turn-key basis. The appeal to us has a number of significant advantages:

Interested in the proposal? Then you can leave a request right now - and we will advise you in detail on all the issues of interest.

Concrete floors, are the so-called "pie", consisting of certain layers. All of them have their own purpose and must be packed in strict sequence.

Floor structure:

  • 1. Topping
  • 2. Monolithic concrete
  • 3. Waterproofing
  • 4. Concrete preparation
  • 5. Geotextiles
  • 6. Compacted sanding base
  • 7. Soil
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Metal structures are lightweight and inexpensive buildings made by the frame method.

Why we choose MK

  • 1. Less pressure on the ground
  • 2. Construction speed
  • 3. Geometry correctness
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Fencing structures are sheathed with high-quality sandwich panels Both domestic and foreign manufacturers

Wall structure:

  • 1. Sandwich panel
  • 2. Lining
  • 3. Low ebb
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The roof is also a "pie", consisting of certain layers. Roofing, mounted with the proper execution of work on the laying of all materials is the most important element in maintaining heat in the room.

Why we choose the membrane:

  • 1. Flexibility and strength.
  • 2. Protective properties that increase the heat resistance and UV resistance.
  • 3. Good adaptation to different temperatures.
  • 4. Compliance with fire requirements.
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