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Obtaining urban planning conditions and restrictions

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In order to proceed with the design of construction projects, it is necessary to take into account the availability of all necessary documents. No less important step, without which you will not have the right to build a building or structure, is to obtain aspects such as urban planning conditions and building restrictions . However, if you plan to build houses up to 300 square meters or outbuildings, you do not need to get such permission. For all other cases, this step becomes mandatory for passing.

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Urban constraints and conditions are in effect from the time of construction and until the completion of construction, even in cases where another customer enters the right. In other words, urban planning conditions in Kiev and the region are a necessary document, which includes a number of requirements in terms of architecture and design. These include requirements for construction, density, number of storeys, etc. Gives this documentation to the DGA (Department of Urban Development / Architecture). In order to obtain conditions and limitations, you must provide such a package of documents:

Generally, urban development conditions and building restrictions are issued in duplicate. This is necessary to ensure that the first is retained by the authorities, and the second document is kept by the customer himself. The price policy of services depends on many factors, but by contacting "VINNERSTROY" you can significantly reduce financial costs. Our company offers such services as consulting on obtaining a document, preparing, collecting the necessary documentation, presenting your interests and, directly, receiving at an affordable cost. Thus, you do not need to spend a lot of time collecting documents, standing in lines and overpaying. If you do not know how to get urban planning conditions and restrictions yourself - better contact the professionals.

Specialists of the company "VINNERSTROY" offer a comprehensive and professional approach to this issue. In a short time, all the necessary procedures will be carried out "on a turn-key basis", or individually, depending on your requirements. In addition, we offer other services related to the prompt receipt of permits for construction and the resolution of other legal issues in accordance with the laws. Please note that you can contact the representative of the company in any way convenient for you - by submitting an application online on the site or by phone number.

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