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Design of cafes and restaurants

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of cafes and restaurants Design

In view of the popularity of catering establishments, the design of cafes and restaurants is a popular service today. Trusting such tasks is better than qualified specialists, because the project should take into account a lot of nuances. This is a link to the terrain, taking into account the infrastructure and location of neighboring buildings, and safety standards and sanitary norms, economic factors. Also it is necessary to take into account the expected maximum number of visitors, the location of equipment, design and other details. Designing food enterprises requires a deep understanding of the specifics of catering, knowledge of the basic principles of the restaurant business.

Design features of cafes and restaurants

When designing a catering establishment, attention is paid to the following factors: Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of cafes and restaurants Design

  • Layout of halls and bar counters
  • Ventilation Arrangement
  • Designing a kitchen of a restaurant or cafe
  • Location of special equipment
  • Designer concept
  • Accommodation

Let's start, perhaps, from the end, because for the establishment of food binding to the terrain is extremely important. Sometimes problems arise during construction in three cases, when a restaurant or cafe is planned to open in a residential building, which is not always welcome by its inhabitants. Or the future institution is located in the historical center of the city and can spoil the appearance. Such nuances should be taken into account in advance, making up the design of a cafe or restaurant.

Usually, customers insist on giving the main attention to the hall, because this territory is open to guests of the future institution. It is important to think about the location of the tables, competently design the bar and the reception desk. However, no less attention should be paid to what is hidden from the eyes of visitors. In particular, the kitchen with the accommodation of the necessary equipment must comply with the existing safety standards. Another key point that is important to think carefully is the design of the ventilation of the restaurant or cafe. This will directly affect the comfort of both staff and guests.

Stages of cafe and restaurant design

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Design of cafes and restaurants Design

When planning the future establishment of public catering is necessary, in fact, the development of three projects:

  • Engineering
  • Technological
  • Designer

Engineering design of cafes and restaurants includes the development of an architectural solution and the location of communications: electricity, ventilation, water supply, heating and others. The technological design takes into account the specificity of the equipment used, its layout and connection schemes, and an explanatory note is attached to it. And finally, the final stage - the design design of a restaurant or a cafe. At this stage, art solutions for the decoration of the facade, materials and colors of interior decoration are being thought through. The customer is presented a 3D project with full visualization of the future institution.

Our company offers competent and operative designing of cafes and restaurants taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

The price is from 60 UAH / m2

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