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Modular buildings: cost-effective design

Price from 150UAH/m
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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Modular buildings - this is a modern architectural solution, which has a number of advantages. Such facilities are comfortable both for work and for living. The construction of modular buildings is quite an economical project, which is characterized not only by the simplicity of installation, but also by the use of minimal technical means. At the same time, both internal and external decoration of such structures can be very diverse.

Designing modular buildings from the company "Winnerstroy" - this development of universal, mobile, reliable architectural solutions. Our specialists can develop whole camps, construction sites, warehouses, pavilions, dormitories, utility rooms, office and administrative complexes and public catering facilities.

At the project stage, we will make sure that the system of sewage and water supply, ventilation and electricity is developed ergonomically and comfortably in modular buildings.

How we are working?
Financial transparency
Quality assurance
Eco-friendly materials
High reliability

How we work with the customer

Individual design of even the smallest objects is what we can offer to the customer. With it, our specialists will closely cooperate at all stages of developing a modular building project for work or living. It does not matter if they consist of one container or several, we work with the same quality on all projects. If you need to apply non-standard block placement on your site, our specialists will solve this problem.

The design process itself will consist of several stages. First, we will propose the development of a draft design. This stage will allow to make optimal decisions for the future construction of modular buildings and to estimate the cost of the facility.

At the stage of drafting the project documentation, an examination will be carried out for compliance with technical solutions and regulatory documents. A preparation of working documentation is, first of all, a detailed study of all architectural and engineering solutions.

At each stage of the design of modular buildings, we guarantee that:

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