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Car wash - construction of a car wash under the key (plan, project)

Our company also deals with issues related to car wash construction. We design, manufacture and sell self-contained mobile mobile washers, as well as stationary, requiring the construction of a foundation, for 1, 2, 3 or 4 posts.

Our services include:

Building a car wash, that is turnkey construction includes the following stages:

  1. business plan
  2. development of construction documentation;
  3. construction (installation of a structure)

We can produce and install car washes of various types (prefabricated mini car washes, typical car washes, car wash ready turnkey, modular car wash, autonomous mobile car wash, collapsible car wash) in many districts of Kiev, as well as in the Kiev region. The car wash structures are of different types: "dead-end", "travel", with cafe, tire fitting, car maintenance points.

In addition, our company is actively developing the direction in the area of ​​re-equipment of ready-made premises for car wash.

Car wash is always a profitable business , even in times of financial and economic crisis. A good solution will be a ready-made car wash under the key, the price for which we have is relatively low.

We are ready to offer you a "mobile car wash on a turn-key basis" consisting of a fast-erected foundationless (fairly flat site) metal structure from collapsible panels, which does not require obligatory supply of communications (does not require connection to the sewerage and water supply), and operates on the principle of recycling water, favorably different from all existing car wash projects.

The resulting autonomous car wash ( car wash ) allows you to do without capital construction, and is built in the shortest time without the involvement of any heavy construction equipment, ready immediately to begin work. While maintaining all the advantages of stationary washing.

For the construction of a car wash station, it is not necessary to build a capital building with a foundation pit and a foundation under the building. The building of the carwash station is made from collapsible sections of the floor of rolled metal, collapsible walls and roofs, insulated with low-combustible panels of the type "sandwich" (sandwich) . The car wash building is installed on any existing hard surface or pad (cushion of rubble, etc.) and has ventilation, lighting, a system for purification and recirculation of circulating water, a system of surface sedimentation tanks, and also equipped with an indirect heating diesel heater and a tap combustion products outward with a thermostat. Car wash works on the principle of a closed cycle of water supply, excluding discharge of waste water into the environment. Provides the processing of a large number of cars (up to 500) on one refueling of clean water (with a tank of clean water of 15 cubic meters).

At the request of the customer, changes in the size of the car wash, equipment, carcass structure and tanks are also possible. We offer the placement of additional rooms for staff or customers, a toilet, etc. (Regardless of the number of posts).

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