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Reconstruction of buildings - one of the priority activities of the company «Winnerstroy». We are engaged in comprehensive restoration, major repairs, as well as re-profiling of buildings. We carry out the reconstruction of buildings of any purpose: industrial, residential, commercial. Price depends on the state of the object and the amount of work.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures: features

Modification buildings - a multifaceted construction area. Work on the reconstruction of buildings and structures is preceded by a series of organizational events, during which the role of construction in the architecture of Kiev, the nature of the soil, the stability of the floors, the choice of materials and much more are assessed. The process can lead to an increase in the capacity, the total area, the change in the quality and number of rooms, the change in the functions of real estate.

The additional complexity in the process of reconstruction of buildings and structures makes it necessary to "fit" into the existing architectural ensemble of the city. Kiev is a city with a rich history. Residential multi-apartment high-rise buildings, modern business centers side by side with historical sights with unusual decoration and architecture. Therefore, when carrying out reconstruction of buildings on a turn-key basis it is important to sustain a balance. If the house borders on historical places, too progressive decoration, catchy colors may look inappropriate.

When buildings need reconstruction

Contrary to the established opinion, reconstruction is necessary not only for structures that under the influence of time and climate have declined. Even if your structure was erected relatively recently, but lost its original appearance and charm, you can restore it by resorting to reconstruction of structures.

It is completely wrong to demolish buildings that no longer perform their functions. For example, a former factory or factory can be retrained into a commercial or office center. Its operation can be continued by performing preliminary work on the reconstruction of construction sites. In addition, the reconstruction of buildings is a reasonable option for a "budget" solution. Prices for strengthening the foundation, facing and unification of the premises are much lower than the repetitive repair from year to year.

How we are working?
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Our company carries out such transformations of buildings:

Because the quality of work depends on the operational life of the building, as well as the safety of people living or working in it, it is important to trust reconstruction and restoration of buildings professionals. This type of work is too serious to save on the quality of materials and skills of masters. Our staff employs specialists with extensive experience, high qualifications.

Reconstruction of buildings and structures: stages

Based on the methodology, the reconstruction of buildings in many respects repeats the building of a house from scratch:

The package of measures for reconstruction of construction projects includes:

The company "«Winnerstroy»" offers a comprehensive approach to the reconstruction of buildings, structures and buildings:

The projects implemented by us confirm the fact that in any neglected condition the object was, it can be brought into the ideal for solving the tasks set by the owner: a warehouse, a shop, a shopping center, an atelier, a dwelling, a museum complex.

Reconstruction works from «Winnerstroy»

The company  «Winnerstroy» is one of the recognized leaders in the field of construction, reconstruction of buildings, replacement of structures and redevelopment. We use the latest technology in combination with the skills and experience of our masters.

Addressing us, you get such advantages:

We are distinguished by an individual approach to each new object, adequate cost of work, attentive attitude to the wishes of the customer, compliance with standards and requirements, efficiency of the audit.

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