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For the purpose of the most exact coordination of the boundaries of certain territories, it is extremely important to consider that cadastral surveying of the land plot is carried out at a professional level and in accordance with established norms and requirements. The process is a survey of geodetic type, which is often called planned or contour. Thanks to the cadastral survey, it is possible to easily and easily determine the boundary of the object so that it can be placed on the cadastral register of the state. In addition, topographic survey of real estate serves to conduct a process of surveying the territory or check existing boundaries.

It is worth noting that this procedure should be carried out not only in the event that it is necessary to conduct a survey or when it is necessary to place an object in cadastral accounting. Performing a cadastral survey will help you resolve disputes with neighbors that are related to issues of compliance with the boundary area. It is noted that this type of shooting perfectly copes with the calculation of such information as:

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The cadastral survey procedure itself differs from the others, since during its execution, predetermined points are calculated, which are located within the boundaries of the territory. Immediately after this, the specialist begins to assess the accuracy of the coordinates and the quality of the work done. All of the above data is subsequently used to find out the real boundaries of a certain section. Today, order cadastral land survey can be done in many companies, but not all have professional opportunities for this. The company "WINNERSTROY", in contrast to its competitors, has special equipment that allows you to make all the necessary calculations with the highest accuracy.

Precision is one of the most important factors at this stage, since it depends on how correctly the documentation and registration will be formed. The cadastral surveying steps and timings may vary depending on the complexity and location of the object. However, there are general established norms, which are guided by specialists of our company, and the process itself does not take much time. We propose to the customer to compose a competently cadastral plan, which is extremely necessary at the stage of document approval. The price policy of services also depends on the type of object and other factors.

For more detailed information about the pricing of the company "WINNERSTROY" and other services, you can go to the appropriate section on the site, or contact us at the specified phone number. If you find the cost of surveying in Kiev and the area cheaper than in our company - we are ready to go to a meeting and make a good discount. All processes are conducted exclusively by professionals and in accordance with applicable law.

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