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Reconstruction of public buildings

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Reconstruction of public buildings - a demanded service, especially in large cities. In the capital, where thousands of tourists flock annually, many public buildings do not meet modern requirements for functionality, technical equipment, security, and environmental friendliness.

«Winnerstroy» offers services for renovation of public buildings . We have accumulated quality practical experience in the modernization of cinemas, hospitals, shopping malls, official institutions and administrative centers. Add to the experience the high qualifications of the masters and modern technology, and you will receive a reliable performer who will perform the reconstruction of sports facilities just in time and in compliance with all norms.

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Features of the reconstruction of public buildings

Before the specialists begin the reconstruction of buildings (catering, schools, hospitals or sports facilities), it is necessary, first, to decide on the new destination of the building, and secondly, with the planned number of visitors. The initial status may change or remain the same, but the dimensions of the future extensions, storeys, area, etc. are "tied up" for these data.

Depending on the degree of obsolescence or destruction, the master decides whether to complete or partial reconstruction of the store building. In the process of full retraining, a whole range of work is carried out: foundation strengthening, roof replacement, internal and external finishing, dismantling, replacement of engineering networks, etc. In case of partial reconstruction of store buildings, one or several types of work are performed (for example, expansion or redevelopment of premises).

Stages of reconstruction of buildings of schools, administrative buildings, polyclinics

During the reconstruction of public buildings, building requirements and safety rules are taken into account. The sequence of stages also plays an important role, therefore, when reconstructing school buildings, the list of actions is as follows:

In the reconstruction of public catering buildings in order to increase comfort and safety, the internal space is optimized, ventilation, heating, and fire safety systems are improved.

Order reconstruction of sports facilities, educational and medical buildings can be done at the company «Winnerstroy». We carry out all stages of work on the transformation of premises of any orientation and accident rate. We guarantee high-quality results, efficiency and offer favorable prices for services.

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