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Construction of shopping arcades

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Construction of shopping arcades Other sections

Winnerstroy also collects and establishes trading rows.

The trading range can be performed as the first option: a set of nearby-standing stalls, they have separate walls and an independent all internal and external structure, the second option: it can be a single structure in which a single metal skeleton (In this case, the trading range will be cheaper, due to less use of materials, but it will not be so convenient in case of its transportation to another place).

The product area can be anything.

In the standard version, the trading range consists of:

1. Welded Metal frame, consisting of pipes of different cross-sections (50x50x3, 25x40x3, 40x80x3, 20x20x3), at the base is the channel 12

2. Exterior finish: Profiled sheet (Color for customer's choice), Canopy for choice: Rolled prof. sheet or not rolled prof. sheet (Color to customer's choice)

3. Interior finish: Walls -Vagonka (seam or without seam to choose from, color to customer's choice)

4. Electricity: Electric wiring, Sockets, Switches, Counter, Automatic, Fixtures with fluorescent lights, Spotlights (outdoor frieze lighting)

5. Warming: The walls use foam plastic 50 mm, Hydro and Steam barriers. In the ceiling Min. wool ISOVER, chipboard board, board 25 mm. Floor -Sliding floor 25 mm, Plateboard, Linoleum.

6. Windows Doors: To the cost are added separately, depending on their number and size (PVC windows with 1 or 2 chamber glass package, Doors for choice of PVC or Metal)

We deliver and install the product on a previously prepared foundation or blocks in a level. The cost of delivery is discussed separately (its size is affected by the distance, the number of modules being transported simultaneously, the dimensionality of the product.

Configuration, filling, external and internal finishing can be changed at the request of the customer (in the description above is a standard version).

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