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Frame-monolithic construction

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Frame-monolithic construction Building

Skeleton-monolithic construction , once popular only in industrial and commercial construction, is now increasingly used in individual housing construction.

This technology (monolithic frame) has been tested over decades of successful operation of office and retail space. Strength, reliability, rapid rates of erection are the main, but not the only advantages of the technology. Using the technology, it is possible to build private low-rise cottages of almost any shape.

The company «Winnerstroy» is engaged in monolithic frame construction of cottages in Kiev. Specialists have the necessary skills and use the latest technology. We render services both on individual and on standard projects.

Features of the monolithic frame construction technology

A skeleton-monolithic cottage is built according to the project, which identifies areas for internal communications, as well as adequate channels for them. It is an integral slab of concrete, the foundation is reinforced with steel grating. If the project provides a basement, the walls and entrances are also made of concrete. Above them is the foundation.

Winnerstroi offers 2 ways of frame-monolithic construction :

  • framing directly on the construction site
  • the creation of a metal framework on the foundation of parts prepared in advance and collected at the site

In both cases, heavy equipment is used, as well as a concrete unit and vibration equipment for compacting concrete. The technique is necessary for the installation of heavy parts, and the assembly and vibration equipment - for the continuous process of pouring concrete mix. Only in this case it is possible to count on the absence of joints of concrete, which is the main condition for the reliability of the structure.

The following stages of frame-monolithic construction - the creation of a framework of reinforcement, fastening formwork, pouring concrete. First pour the main columns, gradually moving to the secondary. As a rule, erection is performed in the warm season. In some cases, if the project is not urgent, it is possible to use concrete with special additives that improve its characteristics at negative temperatures.


Durability and reliability are the main advantages of the monolithic frame house from «Winnerstroy». The structure is capable of withstanding seismic shocks in 7-8 points, and will serve you and even your heirs.

Another important quality is the free layout of the rooms. Bearing structures are supported by external walls, so the internal layout can be anything, it does not change the load on the foundation.

Among other obvious advantages of technology:

  • fast construction times and small, in comparison with other types of construction, shrinkage
  • the small weight of the building, so that it can be erected even on the heaving ground
  • the minimum number of joints and seams contributes to the inviolability of the structure
  • the operational period is more than 100 years.

Call, come and order frame-monolithic construction in «Winnerstroy»! We make dreams come true!

Frame-monolithic construction price from 4300 UAH/m2

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