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Construction of offices

Price from 6000UAH/m
To get a consultation
We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

We are ready to provide services for your business in the construction of offices of small modular or frame buildings and office buildings.

You can buy an office building in finished form if the office is needed for a small number of employees or for a short time. In this case, we will produce a mobile office, which is a modular building made of prefabricated blocks, we will deliver it to the installation site and mount it within a few days. And the appearance of such an office building does not betray the fact that this is a prefab office modular building.

The new office building can be equipped with all necessary systems and communications and provide opportunities for comfortable work for all office workers.

When building modular buildings of offices, we connect them to all external communications and give the customer a turnkey office building with external and internal decoration, with the equipment of the bathrooms and server rooms, with the installation of heating and air conditioning units.

How we are working?
Financial transparency
Quality assurance
Eco-friendly materials
High reliability

We take care of all the construction of your office building:

  1. designing of offices.
  2. preparation of the site for the construction of the office building
  3. erection of an office building and turn-key office equipment

As for the office project, you can contact our project office, state your basic wishes regarding the construction of the office building, together with our designers, to develop a sketch of your office building and a plan for the future office building.

The layout of the office building will take into account not only the norms of personnel placement and safety and comfort requirements, but also your individual wishes regarding the organization of your office. Designing office buildings does not take us much time and does not require you to make serious investments.

Projects of office buildings can be implemented taking into account your individual wishes and in the volume in which you need it.

To order the project of commercial and office buildings or office buildings, you need to call us. You will be consulted by competent specialists, if necessary, will go to the construction site and within a few days will develop for you a draft office project with all the nuances you need.

construction of office space If necessary, our specialists will take on the issues of project coordination and passing necessary examinations.

The architecture of office buildings is so diverse that in any case we will be able to offer you exactly that version of the appearance and layout of the office that will suit you most. The facades of office buildings can emphasize the style of your company and are made of modern durable materials.

A modern office building will be harmoniously integrated into the existing architecture of the construction or erection area, if you order modular office buildings.

Beautiful office buildings we build with the use of new building materials and interesting design solutions.

Typical projects of office buildings that meet your requirements will be tailored to your needs and wishes. The business plan for the construction of office buildings may include not only a drawing of an office building, but also the calculation of all parameters for building an office and subsequent operation.

You can see the objects that we realized in the section "Our objects"

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