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you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Winnerstroi company offers the manufacture of kiosks of different configurations (a stall for the production and sale of food products, a pavilion, a kiosk for the press, etc.) and any degree of complexity.

As you know, a kiosk, pavilion or stall - an advantageous option for organizing the initial stage of entrepreneurship. Also, kiosks are a powerful marketing tool that can for a long time maintain a user interest in a product or service. We offer the production of kiosks in the shortest time and on favorable terms for the customer.
 Manufacture of kiosks can be made, both under drawings to customers, and on ready operating time of the company. The ordered kiosk or stall is made on the basis of a rigid metal frame, which is not afraid of multiple moves and movements.

Kiosks are produced completely turnkey, it is included in the standard version:

Configuration, filling, external and internal finishing can be changed at the request of the customer.

To buy a kiosk in Kiev, you just need to fill out the "Order calculation" form or just call us.


We deliver and install the kiosk on a previously prepared foundation or blocks in a level. Delivery of the pavilion is discussed separately (its cost is affected by the distance, the number of simultaneously carried kiosks).

Delivery is paid separately. Depending on the conditions, different types of vehicles are used: an on-board vehicle, a truck with a manipulator, and a truck with increased cross-country capability. For the main frame profile pipes are used. The exterior finish can be made from profiled sheet, composite aluminum panels, Eco-Bond type, or from aluminum rack systems. This version is statically calculated for cases of wind load. LFA is often located near shopping centers and even retail grocery stores, therefore:

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