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Prefabricated houses

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A person who wants to acquire his own house, a modern construction market will offer a lot of options. Someone will focus on the stone, others - on the bridge, and we will make the most profitable, optimal and effective supply - frame houses on Canadian technology.

The features of frame buildings and structures are already widely known practically in every corner of the globe. It's time to learn about them and our compatriots. A frame house on Canadian technology is:

Construction of a frame house

Frame buildings collect on a shallow foundation. Use this technology during the construction of small hotels and recreation centers, cottage settlements.

The process of building frame houses is quite simple and time-consuming. First our experts will develop the project. This can be either a standard solution or an absolutely individual approach. We will help you to comfortably and profitably plan the space in the house.

Next - the turn for the manufacture of architectural elements, from which the house will be built. Thus, the construction of frame houses involves the use of a pine beam from which a frame is made. After the frame and the roof are ready, the construction of the future house is covered with a windshield, for blocking the walls either block house, or imitation of a bar, or an edging board are used. For the thermal insulation of the walls of the house is filled with a variety of materials. Our experts recommend the use of mineral wool. You can assemble prefabricated frame houses within two months and without using heavy equipment or an army of workers.

Prefabricated houses - advantages

If you decide to build your own frame house together with "Winnerstroi", then you are guaranteed to receive a number of advantages:

Frame house price

Winnerstroi builds frame houses on Canadian technology in Kiev and the region. Dozens of customers have already used our services - and they were satisfied. In many respects, the loyal pricing policy influenced the decision to build with us. So, on average for 100 m 2 housing will need to pay $ 55,000.

We will help you realize your dream quickly and at an affordable price! Build with us!

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