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Designing of office buildings and SEC with a guarantee of quality

Price from 120UAH/m
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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

Designing office buildings and shopping and entertainment centers is a very complex and rather lengthy process. By creating drawings for future multi-storey buildings, where hundreds or even thousands of people can stay in the course of the working day, Winnerstroy specialists take responsibility for their safety and comfort.

How will we design an office building

Today, the construction of office buildings can be carried out both on a standard and on an individual project.

In the first case, you will get a solution for the future office center, which has already been checked for years and a lot of people. Even if you decide to build a "typical", this does not exclude an individual approach to further work on the project. Our specialists will be sure to find out whether this project can be applied on a particular site. Of course, there will be an organized visit to the site of the future construction. If necessary, the experts will finalize the standard project.

Without fail, at the initial stage of designing an office building, all the necessary technical documentation will be prepared in compliance with building codes and rules.

Also at the design stage of office buildings, Winnerstroy specialists will calculate construction estimates and present it to the customer.

If you decide not to save time or money on designing, we will certainly gladden you with an individually designed project for the future office center. In order for the building to be fully functional and satisfy all customer requirements, it is extremely important to get answers to important questions.

How we are working?
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First of all, it is necessary to find out for what purposes each planned room will be used. For example, how many in the building will there be reception rooms, offices for management, the number of meeting rooms, where will be the security service and equipment.

It is very important that the customer determines the organization of the premises. It can be an office and corridor system, and maybe a free lay-out of a large hall with the help of partitions.

You also need to know:

If the customer decides that there will be a buffet or a canteen in his office building, our specialists will compute all necessary zones in this room.

Designing of shopping and entertainment centers

The design work of the SEC in the company" Winnerstroy "is carried out in accordance with the terms of reference, and with the mandatory use of modern technology. In order for the building to be functional, reliable and beautiful, one should clearly understand the purpose of the areas and premises. Necessarily, at the design stage, the issue of the number of retail space and exhibition halls in the mall, office space, the number of squares that can be rented will be resolved.

During the breading of shopping and entertainment centers it is also very important to understand how many floors will be in the building, whether there is a socle or a technical floor. Proceeding from the volume-planning technological solution, the issue of the presence of escalators and elevators will also be decided, will there be additional entrances / exits, entrances in the building.

At the design stage, Winnerstroy specialists will take care of landscaping, landscaping, lighting.

The exterior and interior decoration of the shopping and entertainment center will also be developed and thought out at the design stage, as well as layout solutions.

Also, our experts during the development of the project will plan which technological equipment will be used in the shopping and entertainment center, as it will provide for engineering systems. In a necessary manner, fire safety measures will be carried out.

Our customers will provide at each stage of design a preliminary design, justification and architectural and town-planning solution, the project and, at the final design stage, a working project.

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