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Advantages of prefabricated hangars

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First , capital construction is expensive. The construction of a prefabricated hangar is much cheaper than the capital construction of traditional materials.

Second , capital construction is a long and complex process involving a large number of different workers and engineers, while the construction of prefabricated hangars is a quick and fairly simple matter that can be easily handled one small team of specialists in modular construction.

Third , hangars can be dismantled and erected in a new location if necessary. You will never be able to painlessly accomplish this with a capital structure.

The design and construction company "Winnerstroi" offers its customers both ready-made hangars and individually designed and designed by our architect hangars of any type that will suit you best and satisfy all the requirements.

As for prefabricated hangars, these are universal designs, which include the hangar itself, the technical passport to it, the drawings required for the hangar assembly, and instructions. We offer ready hangars for various climatic zones, insulated hangars and cold hangars, hangar buildings of various sizes and purposes.

The most popular hangars with a span of 12, 15 or 18 meters. We offer you as cold hangars, for wall and roof plating of which we use steel profiled sheeting with or without polymeric coating, and insulated hangars, in which the walls are assembled from a sandwich element-by-element assembly or from factory sandwich panels. In order to obtain a heat-insulated hangar, we propose to use specially designed, layer-by-layer panels that provide the best heat, wind and vapor barrier. Such hangars are more expensive, but they have a lot of advantages in comparison with not insulated, and a wider scope.

For interior finishing, a galvanized steel profiled sheeting with or without a polymer coating is used. Zinc coating of corrugated board will reliably protect the wall and ceiling materials of the hangar from corrosion.

Also in the shipment of the finished hangar is not only the material for construction, but also all the necessary documentation that determines the order of assembly and operation of the building. You will be given a calculation of the loads on the foundations and detailed recommendations for making the foundation under the hangar. But the easiest way to order from us is not only the production of the hangar, but also the installation of the building on your site. In this case, the specialists of our company will erect the building of the hangar on a turn-key basis - from the foundation to the installation of gates and windows.

The modular design of the hangar made of lightweight metal structures allows construction with minimal foundation on almost any soil, which allows not only to significantly shorten construction time, but also to significantly reduce the cost of construction. Also, in many respects due to the perfectly thought-out technology of production and assembly of hangars from light metal structures, the construction can be carried out at any time of the year and under any weather conditions.

If you need to install windows in the hangar, our specialists will offer you several solutions to this issue. For non-insulated hangars, ribbon glazing made of cellular polycarbonate can be used.

If you ordered a draft of a heat-insulated hangar, then window blocks can be used. Also, at the request of the customer, various types of gates can be installed in the hangar: hinged or lifting.

The choice of the final variant depends solely on the technical requirements and features of your project.

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