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Strengthening of walls and foundations

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In order to implement the modernization of the facility or make technical changes, it is necessary to repair and strengthen the foundations. This process is carried out in cases where it is necessary to reconstruct the structure, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the facility. This service is topical in large cities, as the buildings in them are the most attractive from a commercial point of view. In addition, if the building shows cracks on the walls or shrinkage of the foundation - you can not do without its strengthening. The company "WINNERSTROY" offers not only the repair of cracks in the wall, but also other services related to the reconstruction of facilities at a professional level. Why else need to strengthen the foundation and walls?

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The process of amplification requires the use of exceptionally proven and high-quality materials. Thanks to the application of innovative techniques, technologies and resources, our company is able to significantly reduce the work execution time. Strengthening the existing ribbon foundation of a private house or other buildings and structures is carried out in such a way that the performance characteristics remain at the highest level.
The company "WINNERSTROY", thanks to a ten-year existence, has tremendous practical experience in this matter. We work with the latest equipment, which allows for a short time to perform a huge amount of work, regardless of complexity. The process of reconstruction and reorganization of various objects is carried out by specialists of "WINNERSTROY" on a regular basis, therefore clients do not doubt in obtaining a qualitative result.

One of the main features of working with our company is an affordable price policy of services. During carrying out of necessary works our experts conduct consultations on a free basis and answer all questions of the customer. The process itself requires special attention, therefore, during the reinforcement of the belt foundation in Kiev and the region, thorough monitoring is carried out by competent employees. In addition, you can be sure that the cost of the work will remain the same as that originally specified in the contract, and no additional penalties will be required.
"WINNERSTROY" helps clients solve issues related to the reconstruction and strengthening of walls, foundations at a professional level and as quickly as possible. To make sure of this - leave an application on our website, or call us on the phone, having received the necessary information.

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