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Superstructure of floors

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A popular service among customers in the field of real estate reconstruction is the superstructure of additional floors. The need to solve this problem arises in those cases when it is necessary to increase the size of the useful area in the building. In the conditions of large cities, this possibility can become the only one, since other solutions are not suitable for certain reasons. Very often a change in the structure of a building is necessary when it is required to change the purpose of the structure. For example, when moving a building from an administrative building to a production one, a similar service may be required. As a variant of the superstructure, work can be carried out on roofing reconstruction or a mansard floor superstructure. This solution will solve such problems as the increase in the area of ​​the structure and the capital repair of the roof surface.

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Depending on which feature of the structure, the superstructure can be carried out with additional work, which is aimed at strengthening. The need for reinforcement, as a rule, is determined by a thorough preliminary survey of the structure. To add a house to the house in accordance with established rules and regulations, it is necessary to develop a reconstruction project. In practice, the usual building and the superstructure of one storey are carried out without the need for reinforcement, since the foundation has good strength. At the time of the building add-on, several types of construction schemes are used, the main ones being:

The first method is profitable from a financial and practical point of view, and also is reliable. However, judging by many years of practice, metal structures become more reliable and act as the main components in the superstructure.

Superstructure of the floor: order in Kiev

If you have been looking for a contractor for a long time to build a superstructure, you've come to the right place. The company "WINNERSTROY" has been working in this direction for more than ten years, which makes it possible to use the most advanced technologies, the guarantee is an excellent result. In addition, we understand that a layman can not understand such processes, therefore at every stage of the work we conduct detailed consultations on a free basis. Engineers with high qualifications from the company "VINNERSTROY" will render any assistance to the customer, which is related to the need to upgrade or strengthen the facility.

We offer prompt execution of works on a professional level. The price policy of the services of building a floor in Kiev and the region depends on the amount of work, but in our company it is acceptable for everyone. If you have any questions, or you would like to receive detailed information on the feasibility of carrying out the superstructure - contact the specialists of the company "WINNERSTROY" by phone or online, filling out a short form on the site, right now.

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