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Metal construction

Price from 15000UAH/m
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Fabrication of steel structures

in the process of construction and erection of any type of modern buildings metal can be called the most important elements. From such products is going to the so-called skeleton of the future structure. It is metal structures that can qualitatively affect such characteristics as reliability, durability and safety of the building. Design and production of steel structures are the two most important stages for the entire construction process, so they are produced in strict compliance with regulatory documents.

"Winnerstroy" is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures in the construction of various buildings for both industrial and residential purposes. Producedmetal are simple in the manufacturing process and the most convenient during their installation at the site. Experienced specialists of the company perform welding of metal structures with the help of modern high-tech equipment at any level of complexity.

How we are working?
Financial transparency
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Eco-friendly materials
High reliability

Steel structures for the construction of buildings from "Winnerstroy" have a number of significant advantages:

Design and manufacture of steel structures is carried out by the employees of the company "Winnerstroy" in accordance with all existing and applicable regulations. This compliance ensures the longest possible operating period of steel structures of any kind. In the process of installation, one of the most important points is the reliability of each of the components of the assembled metal structure.

the company" Winnerstroy " offers services for the production of metal structures. Our experts carry out high quality installation work, the cost of which is very affordable and justified by high quality.

Concrete floors, are the so-called "pie", consisting of certain layers. All of them have their own purpose and must be packed in strict sequence.

Floor structure:

  • 1. Topping
  • 2. Monolithic concrete
  • 3. Waterproofing
  • 4. Concrete preparation
  • 5. Geotextiles
  • 6. Compacted sanding base
  • 7. Soil
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Metal structures are lightweight and inexpensive buildings made by the frame method.

Why we choose MK

  • 1. Less pressure on the ground
  • 2. Construction speed
  • 3. Geometry correctness
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Fencing structures are sheathed with high-quality sandwich panels Both domestic and foreign manufacturers

Wall structure:

  • 1. Sandwich panel
  • 2. Lining
  • 3. Low ebb
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The roof is also a "pie", consisting of certain layers. Roofing, mounted with the proper execution of work on the laying of all materials is the most important element in maintaining heat in the room.

Why we choose the membrane:

  • 1. Flexibility and strength.
  • 2. Protective properties that increase the heat resistance and UV resistance.
  • 3. Good adaptation to different temperatures.
  • 4. Compliance with fire requirements.
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