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In modern repair, interior decoration of the house, rooms, walls, ceiling occupies an important place, since without performing all the necessary processes it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. In most cases, repair and finishing works are divided into two types - rough and finish types. In this article we will talk in more detail about each of the above types, so that the customer has an understanding in the direction of repair.

Draft jobs

The first stage in the preparation of the ceiling and walls is plaster. Immediately after this, they begin to glue the wallpaper or apply other coatings. On the level at which the plastering works will be performed, the quality of the entire repair depends, so you can not neglect the initial stage. Plastering works are needed in order to level the ceilings and walls as high as possible, otherwise the aesthetic appearance of the room will not be achieved. In the process of finishing the floor, you need to consider the screed. It is performed using a prepared cement (or other) solution. Further works are made from gypsum board, but this is also necessary, depending on the type of room. It is mandatory to fill the ceilings and walls in order to accurately correct existing irregularities. Provided that the wall defect is more than 5 mm, additional plastering should be carried out.

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Finishing works

At the end of the rough work on finishing the premises, as a rule, proceed to the final stages of the finishing processes. This type of work is to ensure that the finish looks the most aesthetic and meets all the wishes of the customer. The first stage in finishing works can be considered the painting of ceilings and walls. To do this, it is necessary to see if there are any defects or joints that could significantly aggravate the process. In most cases, the painting is carried out in two or more layers to increase the reliability. Next, usually glue wallpaper, but to date there are a large number of alternative options. The device of ceilings and floors is the final stage, therefore, experts recommend treating it as adequately and responsibly as possible. Of course, you can do all the work yourself, but it's much more profitable to order turnkey repairs. To make an order you do not need to spend a lot of time, because all necessary construction services are available in the company "WINNERSTROY."

All the finishing works in Kiev and the region, which can be ordered easily, are carried out by qualified specialists. We can provide supporting documentation so that the customer is confident in the competence of the services provided. The company "WINNERSTROY" offers to carry out all the finishing works from the beginning to the end for an affordable budget. Why look for additional contractors, if now the client can work with permanent executors? The profit from the conclusion of the contract and to the result is justified in a short time.

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