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Civil engineering

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There are many types of construction, but one of the most sought-after industries is industrial and civil construction . The main specialization of this field is the construction of facilities and the erection of buildings and structures that are related to non-productive economic structures. Civil engineering includes such types of facilities as residential houses, dormitories, schools, lyceums, universities, colleges, hotels, medical institutions, sports complexes and other buildings. In addition, administrative buildings, museums and libraries also fall into this sector.

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Basically civil construction plays in the modern world one of the most important social roles. This is due to the fact that such facilities are able to significantly improve the quality of life of the population and bear enormous benefits. The main advantage of constructing objects of such an appointment is the volume and complexity. It is noted that right at the time of construction of buildings it is possible to solve a lot of the needs of citizens. For example, to organize a medical center, educational institution, cultural enlightenment. To civil construction can also include territorial landscaping and gardening. In addition to all the above types of facilities, today a popular solution is the construction of business centers and similar office facilities. This is due to the increased growth and demand for office workers, employees of IT companies, call centers and others.

Integrated housing and civil construction includes a wide range of stages, with the proper observance of which you can achieve excellent results. The construction of modern office centers and other similar premises is necessarily carried out using high quality materials that meet the established requirements. In addition, the construction uses innovative equipment that allows to solve a number of tasks beyond the power of man for manual work. To date, no less important locomotive for the development of the economic situation in Ukraine is precisely project civil construction in Kiev and the region , so this sphere will be very interesting from the point of view of investment. The company "VINNERSTROY" offers comprehensive construction services, as well as:

The construction of civil and residential facilities is attractive especially for large cities. For example, in Kiev and the area of ​​residential construction will always be in demand, so if you are looking for a solution for investment - give preference to the civil construction sector. The company "WINNERSTROY" has been operating on the market for more than 10 years, which gives us the opportunity to build objects of almost all appointments in a short time with the help of new technologies and equipment.

Concrete floors, are the so-called "pie", consisting of certain layers. All of them have their own purpose and must be packed in strict sequence.

Floor structure:

  • 1. Topping
  • 2. Monolithic concrete
  • 3. Waterproofing
  • 4. Concrete preparation
  • 5. Geotextiles
  • 6. Compacted sanding base
  • 7. Soil
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Metal structures are lightweight and inexpensive buildings made by the frame method.

Why we choose MK

  • 1. Less pressure on the ground
  • 2. Construction speed
  • 3. Geometry correctness
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Fencing structures are sheathed with high-quality sandwich panels Both domestic and foreign manufacturers

Wall structure:

  • 1. Sandwich panel
  • 2. Lining
  • 3. Low ebb
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The roof is also a "pie", consisting of certain layers. Roofing, mounted with the proper execution of work on the laying of all materials is the most important element in maintaining heat in the room.

Why we choose the membrane:

  • 1. Flexibility and strength.
  • 2. Protective properties that increase the heat resistance and UV resistance.
  • 3. Good adaptation to different temperatures.
  • 4. Compliance with fire requirements.
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