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Country houses

Price from 7000UAH/m
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We will make sure that:

all necessary permits were obtained and a feasibility study was developed

all financial costs for project development have been optimized

all initial data for the design were collected

you have received the optimal project, which will take into account economic, functional-technological and architectural features and requirements

The construction of country houses is quite a complicated and responsible procedure, which only professionals need to be trusted. The future owner of his own house does not know much about the construction sector, so that he does not have many questions and all problems are solved as quickly as possible, it is recommended to contact the company "WINNERSTROY". Even before starting building country houses , you need to clearly determine what composition will be used in the construction of the structure. It is also important to take into account the number of floors and choose the material that is used for the foundation and walls of the bearing type. Provided that all the above tasks will be solved, and if you trusted our experts, all work on the construction of a country house will be completed promptly and in accordance with the requirements.

How we are working?
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Eco-friendly materials
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In modern life, the market for building materials presents a large number of different resources from which you can build a house. In this regard, the customer is sometimes difficult to make a decision, because each technology has different functions and has its pros and cons. At the initial stages it is important to indicate all your ideas in the most correct and detailed manner so that the project can be translated into reality according to your preferences. One of the main activities of the company "WINNERSTROY" is construction of country houses on a turn-key basis . In their work, specialists and teams use exclusively certified materials and equipment, which helps to significantly simplify the processes and increase the efficiency of work. In addition, we can offer technical supervision and general contracting services, which will help us to cope with the tasks much faster.

If we talk about general recommendations, then house aerated concrete can be a good option. The use of aerated concrete is an excellent modern method in construction, since its advantages are very obvious:

We suggest that you initially create a country house project , and then implement cottage construction from high-quality resources. In addition, at all stages of construction will be carefully monitored, which will help to ensure a good result with minimal costs. The company "VINNERSTROY" will carry out design and construction of houses, cottages in Kiev and the area within the agreed terms, which are prescribed in the contract prior to the commencement of construction work. Qualified teams will do everything possible so that you can become the owner of a new country house in the coming months.

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