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Construction of production facilities

Winnerstroy - Design and construction company Construction of production facilities Building

WINNERSTROY is an experienced company with a ten-year history that specializes in providing a whole range of construction services. Our specialists carry out industrial construction in accordance with established requirements and norms of legislation and security, therefore the result always justifies the expectations of customers. We conduct construction of industrial facilities, such as metallurgical plants, processing plants, fuel complexes and others. In addition, the company "WINNERSTROY" is engaged in the construction of residential facilities and commercial real estate at a professional level.

Typically, civil and industrial construction includes several services and activities:

  • Justification of the technical and economic nature of the structure
  • Designing;
  • Assembly and construction work as general contractor
  • Installation of engineering systems and installation of equipment
  • Assistance in putting the finished object into operation

We offer construction of industrial and economic buildings, and the reconstruction of certain areas with the help of teams of qualified specialists. No less popular services that our company offers are the construction of granaries, elevators, hangars, warehouses and other types of premises and facilities that serve for production and economic purposes. Specialists of the company have tremendous experience in terms of implementing the most complex projects and works in Kiev and the Kiev region.

It is worth noting that the company "WINNERSTROY" successfully introduces into its functionality an innovative management system that allows you to monitor all work processes and do everything to ensure that the result meets customer expectations. This factor allows our specialists to make the calculations of the expediency of construction as carefully as possible and other to solve other technical tasks in the industry. In general, industrial construction in Ukraine occupies a significant place in the field of entrepreneurship. If you want to open your own company, please contact our company for advice. We control the quality of work at each stage of design and construction, so there is nothing to worry about.

To date, industrial construction Kiev plays a huge role among investors. However, not every company and general contractors can offer favorable conditions for these purposes. If you want to save significantly, while getting a justified result - report your intentions to specialists of our company at the specified phone number, or fill out the form on the site. Within a short period of time, you will receive an answer, as well as you will be consulted on all matters relating to the construction of industrial, economic or other objects.

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